WordPress Website: How to Secure It?

Security for your WordPress website cannot be taken for granted any longer. In the end, Google can blacklist websites that are not secure for users. The WordPress website is indeed absolutely secure, but still, you need to pay attention to its security measures. How can you do that? Certainly, there are ways to keep your WordPress website secure. A secure website makes a great deal of difference in the success of your business. Let’s see how you can keep your WordPress website secure.

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What makes your WordPress website vulnerable?

There are many reasons why hackers find it possible to attack your WordPress website. So, before we get into security measures, let’s clarify the reasons why your website may be at risk.

Here are some points to consider.

  • Vulnerable web hosting: Web hosting platforms can cause security issues. Unfortunately, many hosting providers are not properly maintaining their systems. This makes hacking much easier.
  • Passwords: Sometimes, the login credentials of a WordPress website are very easy to guess for hackers. You must therefore be careful when choosing your password. After all, a weak password gives hackers easy access to your WordPress website.
  • WordPress Admin area: The WordPress admin area of your website can be at risk. Why? The lack of security in this area may allow hackers to gain access to your website.
  • An out-of-date website: Do you regularly update your WordPress website? A website that does not receive regular updates is certainly at risk. It is not just the website that requires updates, but also your plugins and themes. Without these updates, your WordPress website can be hacked easily.
  • If using ‘admin’ as a username for WordPress: By using ‘admin’ as the user name for your WordPress website you are putting it at risk. Therefore, it would be wise to change this.
  • Installing plugins and themes from unverified sites: WordPress plugins and themes that are paid can be easily downloaded for free from various sources. Installing those plugins and themes may put your WordPress website at risk. By doing this, hackers can gain access to sensitive information on your website.
  • WordPress Table prefix: It is not advisable to keep the default WordPress table prefix. If you reach out to WordPress development services providers in India, they will also suggest the same. During installation, you can change it. You should do so to keep your website safe.

Tips for safeguarding your WordPress website

By now, you may have a clear picture of how your WordPress website can be hacked. To safeguard your website from cyber threats, you must know what to do. Most importantly, how should you proceed? Let’s find out.

  • Backup solutions are certainly helpful: Installing a backup solution is an essential part of protecting your WordPress website from hackers. In what ways does it help? It assists you in restoring your website whenever needed. WordPress backup plugins are available. Both free and paid versions are available. Daily backups of the entire site are a good idea.
  • Set up monitoring systems with security plugins: Don’t you think you need to keep a close eye on your website to see what’s happening? Exactly what does that mean? To put it simply, you must stay on top of failed login attempts and malware scanning on your site regularly. Establishing a monitoring system is the easiest way to keep track of that. You can use WordPress security plugins for that. Hence, you must install free WordPress security plugins.
  • Enable SSL: Your website should encrypt data transferred between users and your website. Is this possible without SSL? Not. Thus, to prevent unauthorized access to your website, enable SSL or Secure Sockets Layer. The website address will appear with HTTPS at the beginning if you enable SSL.
  • You should turn off file editing: WordPress provides its users with plenty of flexibility. There is, in fact, a built-in code editor in WordPress. It allows the users to edit the theme and plugins. This way, users gain easy access to the admin areas, which can be risky if accessed by the wrong people.

Thus, the best thing you can do to protect your website is to turn off the editing option. However, this requires some knowledge of coding. Therefore, the providers of WordPress development services in India can certainly help.

  • Set login restrictions: WordPress is vulnerable because there are no restrictions on login attempts. Hackers have a lot of room to exploit this vulnerability. Therefore, restrict login attempts. Hence, you should use the Login LockDown plugin for WordPress. Moreover, make sure this plugin is activated and installed on your website.
  • Utilize two-factor authentication: WordPress offers another plugin that helps secure your website from hackers. It is a two-factor authentication plugin. How can this be helpful?

When you install this, your users would be required to log in via two-step authentication. Most importantly, this will prevent hackers from easily accessing your website.

  • Set your passwords carefully: Hackers may attempt a DDoS attack on your WordPress website. What can you do to prevent this? Enable additional password protection on the server-side. With this method, hackers will be unable to access the admin folders easily.
  • Select your hosting company carefully: You can’t just pick any hosting company for your website. Therefore, choose a company that provides the highest level of security. Otherwise, hackers are likely to find it not difficult to access your data.

Choosing WPEngine will prove to be beneficial for your website. Why? Since it provides various security features as well as routine malware scanning. It is therefore much easier to keep your website safe from hackers.


Providing a secure website for your users should be your top priority. Your users need to trust you to share sensitive information with you. If you don’t keep your website secure, this is not possible. For this reason, you need to stay up-to-date on all the security measures. Securing the website is essential for ensuring its effectiveness. Otherwise, growing your business can be challenging. Therefore, remember the security precautions shared in this article.