There was an Era where we solely believed in traditional marketing otherwise known as offline marketing where people used to walk around and do door-to-door knocking in order to generate a lead, also lots of advertisements are done through campaigns

hospital administration

Hospital Management System using PHP

Hospital Management System Open Source is to manage the online appointment for the patient. The patient can book the appointment according to the doctor’s specialization. The doctor can see the appointment according to the date and time. Admin can manage …


Vehicle Parking Management System

To manage vehicle parking records use the Vehicle Parking Management System.

Vehicle Parking Management System
Project Name:
 Company Visitor Management System

Programming Language: PHP

Database: MySQLi

User Interface Design       :  HTML, AJAX,JQUERY,JAVASCRIPT

Web Browser:  Google Chrome, Mozilla, IE8, OPERA

Software/Application: XAMPP / Wamp

The …

how to connect database in php

How to Make ID Card Using PHP Mysql and HTML

In this article, you will learn How to Make an ID Card Using PHP Mysql and HTML. This project is a web-based system. In this Project having some files

How to Make an ID Card Using PHP Mysql and

inventory management system

Medical Store Management System

Medical Store Management System is used to manage the stock and sale/ Purchase. In the medical store, the record is very important. This application is very useful to manage the record of medicines and payments. This is made in web