WordPress is a CMS(Content Management System) which is used to design a website without coding. The plugin is the most important role in WordPress which is to provide extra features. In this article, you will learn How to Install a Plugin in WordPress. You may also Like How to Install WordPress

Follow the Steps to install Plugin in WordPress:- 

if you want free plugin from WordPress server

  1. Login into your WordPress
  2. Mouse over the left menu in Plugins.
  3. Click on the Add New.
  4. Search for a plugin you want.
  5. Click on Install Now Button.
  6. when finished installation clicks on Activate Button.

If you have already Downloaded from third Party

  1. First login to WordPress.
  2. Click on Add New submenu of the left menu in Plugins.
  3. Click on the upload Plugin Button.
  4. Browse your Zipped file Plugin from your local computer.
  5. Now Click on Install Now Button.
  6. Now Activate the plugin.

Download WordPress Plugin