In this article, You will learn How To Set The Permalink In WordPress. In WordPress, permalinks have generated automatically. Many options have in WordPress like pages, posts, categories, products, etc. Everyone has auto-generated permalinks. These permalinks are the permanent URLs.

Do you want to create custom permalinks in WordPress for posts, pages, and other post types?

You can set the permalinks according to day and post name, month and post name, numeric or you can set it to custom permalinks. You can also set it to plain.

WordPress comes with an SEO Friendly URL structure which allows you to use an easy to understand URL structure for both humans and search engines.

For example
This is much better than URLs from the old days:

WordPress provides multiple options to choose from. You can view them by visiting the Settings » Permalinks page.

Permalinks settings

WordPress also provides ways to customize the individual URLs of posts, pages, categories, tags, and other areas of your website. You can also use the WordPress plugins to create completely custom permalinks for specific sections of your website that override the default WordPress settings.

have a look at all the options one by one. We’ll start with the default options that are with your WordPress website.

If you want to change the whole URL generation for your website, then go to the Settings » Permalinks page.


Just select a URL structure for your individual posts. You can also use the tags to create a custom structure for your WordPress URLs. Click on the Save Changes button to store your changes.

We recommend using a URL structure that includes the post name in the URL. This makes your URLs more SEO friendly.

How to Change the Category and Tag URL Prefix in WordPress

WordPress uses /category/ as the base for your category URLs and /tag/ for the tags pages by default.



permalink category and tag

You can change these prefixes from the Settings » Permalinks page to anything.


Before, we have shown you how to modify the category and tag base prefix in WordPress. In this step, we will tell you how to change the URL keywords for an individual category or tag.

Go to the Posts » Categories page

Click on the Edit link below the category you want to customize.

category link

Now category detail page will be open in edit mode. You can change the category slug to customize your category link.

category edit

Like this, you can edit an individual tag by visiting the Posts » Tags page.

There are few other ways to How To Set The Permalink In WordPress.

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