Many of you might have heard about the reseller web hosting plans. It is a web hosting plan where users can sell hosting infrastructure to clients and host their websites and applications after signup. Now, if you Choose Reseller Hosting, you might face challenges in different hosting activities like billing, support and others. For that, WHMCS (Web Host Manager Complete Solution) is an automation tool, or in simpler words, we can say it is software to make billing, customer management and support activities easier for users. However, the web hosting provider only makes such software and applications available. MilesWeb is the leading web hosting provider offering affordable reseller web hosting packages with WHMCS Reseller Hosting in India

As a reader, if you are reading the WHMCS terminology first time, read this guide carefully.

Know All About the WHMCS

The WHMCS is a platform to automate different operations like domain registrations, billing, and others to save time for reseller users. This software is helpful for users in several ways because, through conventional means, managing clients is a challenging task. That is why this automated software is provided by web hosting providers to manage clients’ hosted websites and applications with an easy-to-use interface.

Why is WHMCS important to Reseller Hosting Plans?

If we talk in simpler words about WHMCS, it is software that makes different web hosting operations easier when users purchase reseller hosting services. Automatic billing is one of those operations that regularly reminds and gives notifications.

The most straightforward way to put it would be to say that WHMCS is software that makes things easier for all reseller hosting services. Automatic billing, which means that the software automatically collects payments from your customers, is the most important feature of the software. Due to this feature, reseller users can timely collect payments from clients.

Apart from that, WHMCS is also mandatory for other hosting-related services like setting up new domains, FTP accounts or managing existing web hosting accounts of clients. All in all, it bridges effective communication between reseller users and clients hassle-free.

WHMCS is helpful in different ways because it supports different control panels. It is integrated with more than 30 control panels that include names like cPanel, Plesk, and others.

Therefore, any user who is going to enter the reseller hosting business will require WHMCS. Just streamline your hosting operations with this automated software.

Salient Features of the WHMCS

WHMCS is a web management system that gives a complete client management solution. Many industries and types of users use this software automation tool that comes with salient features. Below we have mentioned a few of the salient features.

  • Operating Control Panels
  • Payment acceptance
  • Creating payment invoices for your clients
  • Creating, managing, and updating web hosting accounts
  • With WHMCS, reseller users act as a client service representative
  • Helps in managing social media accounts

With MilesWeb’s reseller web hosting plan, get a free WHMCS and manage your clients easily and get the following advantages.

Key advantages of WHMCS

1. Security and safety

Data security is an utmost requirement in the web hosting business. For that, WHMCS is the right choice as users get a competitive edge by having an additional level of security. MilesWeb offers WHMCS with them every reseller web hosting plan.

2. Automated Systems

Undoubtedly, automation in certain business tasks has derived the right outcome and results. Having a WHMCS, reseller users can automate different billing operations, account setup, termination or suspension of accounts, and payment process reminders. It means all crucial operations will be just a matter of a few clicks.

3. Support Client Interaction

WHMCS enables an easy client interaction as there is a support ticket system to have such interactions. As a reseller user, you will be dealing with multiple clients and meeting their demands. Maintain a good customer relationship with the help of this software and retain them easily.

4. Accounting

Creating and managing the accounting of web hosting profiles is a challenging task. Therefore, with an automated billing system, WHMCS creates an invoice of web hosting services that clients are accessing. So, getting regular alerts for reseller users is possible with no delay in payments.

5. Partnering with Industry Leaders

WHMCS has collaborated with major companies worldwide on certain elements of the product line. For instance, Enom is their partner for data security, and Comodo is their scanning partner helps in creating offers and discounts for WHMCS users. There are several add-ons and upgraded templates in WHMCS that help users.

Final Thoughts

No doubt, WHMCS is an automatic, safe, and reliable software to configure in order to ensure that your reseller user operates exactly the way you want it. Thus, WHMCS is an essential part of any Reseller Hosting user because it comes up with valuable features. Even web hosting providers like MilesWeb is not ignoring them. They integrate WHMCS with all reselling hosting packages.