You are aware that your website has grown in size. It now has a higher load than before. In fact, there has been an increase in the chance of security threats, as well as a need for privacy. If you think a lot about moving to better hosting, you may experience a slower website.

Businesses continue to expand and look for ways to improve their output. But certain hosting, such as shared hosting, can limit the performance.

When your website begins to receive high amounts of traffic, shared hosting cannot handle the pressure. It starts offering downtime issues and even loss of files. That may also result in high-security concerns and privacy risks.

In that case, VPS hosting is a good option. It will give you more resources, privacy, and separation from several websites. There will be high security, plus you can customize and control the server as you want.

Let’s discuss the best provider as we’re talking about powerful hosting. You may get Linux VPS with top features from any hosting firm, but what guarantee do you have that it will be of good quality?

So, it is essential to go for the best that will contribute to your success. Likewise, we had a good experience with MilesWeb, which provided us with high-quality VPS hosting at a decent cost. You can even experience top-notch dedicated server with them.

Yes, they are less priced than any other hosting company. Despite the low-cost hosting, their services are amazing. They will not only offer you the best features but will also help you flourish your website.

MilesWeb has been helping thousands of companies/bloggers run successful websites/blogs. Almost all users begin with shared hosting and switch to VPS after a while from MilesWeb itself. Their frequent offers save a good investment, plus you can renew at the same price you purchased the server. Isn’t that great?

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How does VPS Hosting help in Growth?

VPS hosting is a better and more advanced hosting service. It gives you a virtual server with an isolated environment. Here, you receive more amount of resources with complete virtual privacy.

Like shared hosting, you don’t share the resources here, only the physical machine. The physical server is like a house, where each user gets a room. So, VPS is like a room on a virtual level where you receive dedicated resources. Every bit of resource commits to your website, and you don’t share it with other users.

With a virtual server, you get the utmost privacy. Even though you are in the same house as others, you stay in a locked room with privacy and security.

Pros of VPS hosting

  • Economical at its prices
  • Dedicated resources
  • High performance
  • Private virtual server
  • More amount of resources
  • Fewer chances of security threats
  • Managed plans (if required)
  • Control over customization and configuration

MilesWeb VPS Plans

VPS hosting offers both managed and self-managed plans. At MilesWeb, you will get both. In fact, they have options for Linux and Windows VPS hosting as well.

Their fully managed VPS plans start at $9/m after a 25% discount. You can renew at the same price with no additional charges. However, the 25% off discount is applicable if you buy any plan for at least one year. Otherwise, you can pay the regular monthly cost and get started, starting at $10 /m.

Many companies and entrepreneurs generally choose managed plans. That is so they can focus on other activities of their business. It also saves them an investment of hiring a person for managing the hosting.

If you know that you may not have time to look after the server and its management process, you can opt for managed VPS plan. MilesWeb’s team will provide you with the best support 24/7.

Otherwise, unmanaged services are also there. That will require technical skills. MilesWeb unmanaged plans start at Rs. 480/m after the 25% discount. If you are good at your technical skills, you can purchase unmanaged VPS hosting.

Further, if you want to expand your company’s website and increase sales, MilesWeb is a great choice. They will contribute to improving your Google rankings, providing you with the best features, and establishing an authentic identity.

They also have a team of professionals on hand to assist you with any query you have. You can reach out to them via live chat or email tickets, and you will receive a speedy response.

Advantages of MilesWeb VPS Hosting

Full Root Access

MilesWeb allows all its users complete root access. You have the authority to manage, control and even customize your hosting. You can also install heavy-end web applications and run a website smoothly.

High Uptime Guarantee

Website availability plays a role in attracting traffic and making them stay. If your website stays down all the time, you will lose visitors. But no worries, MilesWeb guarantees high network uptime of 99.99%.

High Performance

Because you don’t have users in your surrounding, it helps your website perform highly. A speedy website is love. Every visitor enjoys browsing such sites, and you can get it at MilesWeb VPS hosting.

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If your website has started to receive a better traffic load, try opting for VPS. It will provide you with more resources and space. There’s privacy and high security as well. Even though it is a little costly as compared to shared hosting, but is worth every rupee.