Web hosting is basically a service that provides space for websites that are accessible via the World Wide web.  Web hosting makes various files of the website includes web pages, images,code available for viewing online. The web site hosting method is often daunting and confusing initially, however, once you get your head around it, you may perceive however it works. To start with, let’s cowl some new language. you would possibly have detected completely different terms accustomed to describe the method, such as internet hosting, web site hosting, site hosting, blog hosting, self-hosting, etc. all of these terms are similar. You have some server space wherever you store your website’s files and you have got entire control over it. You can check out this website to buy hosting services.

Features of Web Hosting

  • Bandwidth: Bandwidth is the amount of data your website will be able to process. The more bandwidth you have, your website will be able to handle more traffic. How much bandwidth you need depends on your type of website. For example, if your website contains more graphics like videos, images. audio etc. then it requires higher bandwidth. Thus higher the graphical content, the higher will be the need for bandwidth.
  • Disk space: It refers to the amount of storage provided by the web hosting provider to store various files of the website like code, images, text files, videos, etc. Most of the websites should try to stay under 50-60KB. This is because some people are still using dial-up connections, and anything over 60KB will take far too long to load on their end.
  • Email accounts: hosting service must offer at least one included email account, preferably more. It’s essential that whatever communications you send to your clients or customers come from a professional email address. It is 100% easier when you can keep everything in-house.
  • Security features: SSL certificates, anti-hacking software, and automatic backups are critical to keeping your website safe and secure, and great hosting service will include all of those services with your plan.

What Are the Different Kinds of Web Hosting?

  • Shared web hosting: When numerous different websites share the same server space, it is called shared web hosting. It is the cheapest option available but there is no guarantee of great performance because when you share resources with other websites, anything that affects them can affect also you. For instance, if one website on the server is using more than its fair share of the resources, it will take away from what your site can use. That means poor performance, slow load times, and maybe even downtime.
  • Dedicated web hosting:  Websites gets its own physical servers with a dedicated hosting plan. Other users don’t affect your site’s performance and you can customize the server however you want. The only real downside is that the cost for a dedicated server can be restrictive for many small scale businesses.
  • VPS web hosting: VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. It is also known as “Private Cloud”.VPS is based on servers that are made using a virtualization mechanism. It often considers a happy middle ground. This option allows sharing a physical machine with other users but one can get one’s dedicated portion of the resources. It means that no matter how much traffic the other websites receive, they can never breach your share. VPS is very efficient, secure, and offers you complete freedom.
  • Cloud web hosting: Cloud hosting is quite similar to shared hosting services, only instead of sharing one physical server, users share a bank of servers, typically spread out in several different geographic locations. The upside is that resources are not only virtually unlimited but also there is no possibility of ever losing service. It has achieved a higher level of acceptance because one can access the server at any time where websites are hosted. Cloud hosting is extensible, scalable, flexible, reliable and also it is very economical to use.

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Why We Need Web Hosting?

When you learn the way to create a website on a selected device, it lives on those devices. Once you’re able to publish it for the larger world to check, it has to move beyond the specific devices you own. These are the devices that solely you have got access to. However, it still must live somewhere.

Web hosting servers are the space where your website can live and be stored while being accessible on the larger web. If you wish your website to be live online then the web hosting package may be a necessary part of the equation.

A web hosting company has already made the investment in:

  • The servers themselves
  • The space required to store them
  • The precautions necessary to protect the servers from overheating or inclement weather
  • The amount of bandwidth required to keep the servers functioning consistently and speedily
  • The skilled professionals needed to provide proper maintenance as needs arise
  • The cost of replacing and upgrading servers as needed

Features of Best Hosting Providers

Choosing the right web hosting provider is critical to have a fast and secure site. People make common mistakes while buying server hosting.

Web Hosting is the most important part of the site setup. There are important features you must look for.

Feature of Best Web Hosting:

  • 24*7*365 customer support
  • Automated backups
  • Smooth migration
  • Uptime Guarantee
  • Security and Speed


Overall, web hosting could be a variety of services you would like if you wish to publish a web site and build a web presence. In fact, having a web site provides you unbelievable blessings by enabling you to simply reach scores of users worldwide.