Monetizing art allows creators to earn money and keep supporting their work. All the individuals who are in some kind of creative segment can monetize their effort. So whether you draw, paint, craft DIY, sculpt, or create films, there are ways to earn revenue from the same and grow yourself as an artist. Let’s uncover the answer to how to make money as an artist online using video monetization. We would also enlighten you about when online streaming is right for an artist.

Different Ways In Which Artists Can Earn Money Online Using Video Monetization

Artists infuse a different perspective on things around them and empower the world to see their creations in a different light. Art is an amazing form of expression which is why artists should set themselves up for the journey of getting rewarded.

Let’s see the different ways to monetize your art online.

Utilize A Streaming Platform

You can upload your work on video platforms if you are a filmmaker, videographer, or someone who draws and paints.

An artists’ video monetization platform hosts videos and allows artists to showcase their creations to the world. If you can record your creations from the beginning to the end, you can utilize some video hosting platforms to monetize the creations in your niche.

GUDSHO, Vimeo, Brightcove, and DaCast are some amazing platforms to consider. To start earning from these platforms, you can utilize their various monetization methods, such as AVOD, SVOD, TVOD, and more.

Submit Your Entry To A Film Festival

Those who create short films or are filmmakers should submit their creations to different film festivals. There are online film festivals that you can submit your entries to and might get featured for the same.

Some names for online film festivals are Aesthetica, Cannes, EFN, TIFF, and CAFF. Filmmakers should always check the submission rules before making the entry, as some film festivals don’t allow creators to submit on other platforms.

Let The Clients Have Your Portfolio

If you are creating videos but haven’t built the portfolio yet, it is half the work done. Artists should create a portfolio to showcase their work to potential clients.

You can share the same portfolio online and get your work discovered, acquire clients using it, and monetize your creativity.

Opt For Freelancing Websites

The digital world offers you many opportunities to look for new clients online. For example, creators can create their profiles on Upwork, Fiverr, and Freelancer.

Here you can create and post your bids for clients who need an artist for their art projects.

Teach Artistic Abilities To Students

Artists can include educational videos and make them a medium to teach the audience about their art form. For the same, you need a studio where you can create your tutorials peacefully and upload them on platforms like Udemy and Skillshare.

Additionally, if you have interested people in your locality, this is your answer to “where to sell art videos.” You can give them virtual sessions other than streaming your tutorials online.

Use The “Sell Ticket” Feature And Live Stream

There are streaming platforms that let creators live to stream their creations. Hence artists like painters, dancers, or musicians can live stream their sessions and let their viewers stream in real-time.

Some of these websites also offer ticket features as their monetization method. Artists can sell show tickets and let people attend their sessions online.

You can also opt for a premium video monetization platform that lets you earn via TVOD and SVOD like monetization approaches.

Earn More Via Merchandise

Those who have already built their image on an online streaming platform or have a wide user base can also earn through selling merchandise.

This way, creators earn through the monetization method of the streaming platform and by motivating their fans to buy the products.

For example, you can print your logo on products like mugs and t-shirts and earn when your fans make a purchase.

Get Paid Through Affiliate Marketing

Every creator or artist can contact some companies and brands that operate in the same niche as theirs. You can ask these brands to become a part of their affiliate program.

When accepted, you need to promote their services or products while delivering your content to the audience. This way, whenever your fans purchase the recommended product, you earn some part of the amount.

This Is How To Get Started With Online Streaming

Among different ways to monetize your art, streaming works as the best method. This is because most viewers opt for streaming platforms since the world has become largely digital.

It’s time that, as an artist, you take advantage of the same and create your streaming channel. Here is how you can get started.

Begin With The Necessary Equipment

Streaming needs you to record your art, sound, or background music. For the same reason, you need the following:

  • Computer or mobile phone
  • Webcam
  • Microphone
  • Tripod if you use a phone
  • Stable internet connection
  • Streaming platform

Initially, we recommend that you spend only on basic products that fall within your budget. You should upgrade to more advanced equipment once you have started earning from the streaming platform.

Prepare A Vision And Mission

Before investing or opting for a streaming platform, determine your vision and know what you want to achieve from the channel.

Those who have a vision and know what they are doing and where they want to reach tend to succeed more than those who do not.

You can ask yourself questions like:

  • In which art form am I most interested and experienced?
  • What value would I be adding to my viewer’s life?
  • What would be the demographics of my audience?
  • How often would I post my videos?

Answering such questions would give you a clearer idea about your channel and content calendar and boost your confidence as a new creator.

Finalize A Streaming Website

These days streaming platforms are trending as most of the creators opt for online streaming. However, hundreds of options are out there, and you might not be able to finalize one.

This is not just for regular art, but it also applies when you want to make money with ai art. You should, however, always opt for well-known platforms that have positive feedback, offer all basic features, and are cost-effective.

Some of these platforms also offer many packages; you should always pick one that suits your needs. This way, you would not spend on unnecessary features you would not use anyway.

Optimize And Advertise Your Channel

Once you have gone through all these steps and have created your channel, it all comes down to optimizing and advertising your channel.

By optimizing your channel, you create the titles and descriptions of your videos as per the content. The same helps Google to list your videos when users search for a similar query.

It’s the same stage where you also upload your brand’s logo, state your mission and vision, and create an introduction video for first-time visitors.

Next, advertising is equally important as optimizing. Utilize SEO, create social media handles, and post regular updates to make people aware of your channel.

Some platforms also offer marketing tools that help creators market their channels and know the demographics of their audience. Make sure you utilize all these tools!

Instances When Artists Can Utilize Online Streaming

In the following scenarios, online streaming can be the most useful to artists.

1.     When Artists Want To Gain Exposure

Every artist has a different purpose when they choose a streaming platform. One of these purposes can be promoting their work and letting people know about it. While promoting their work, they might also expect to monetize their content.

Hence artists who want to promote their work and earn should choose online streaming.

2.     When Artists Want To Teach And Earn

The next purpose for an artist can be to spread knowledge and gain audiences who are interested in learning the art. There are artists who capture creativity on camera and want to break down the process into steps.

By doing the same, they can build a library of videos where they teach their skills to beginner artists or students who want to learn the art.

3.     When Artists Want To Partner With Brands

Artists who sell their work, teach a skill, and partner with other brands or businesses.

Artists can sell their work while partnering with brands in the same niche. This allows them to earn in more than one way using the same art.

Wrap Up

Streaming platforms provide the necessary medium for artists to showcase their art online. The same platforms provide them answers to how to monetize art videos and other such questions.

As an artist, you can record your creations and stream them online. However, ensure that you have a vision ready and know your expectations from your online channel.

Once you know the purpose of recording your art, it will become easier to determine the target audience and the kind of monetization method you should consider.

Do create your streaming channel today! Teach your audience, promote your art, or contact brands and companies. It is up to you!