Today we are living in the digital era where everything is being presented online. Every business is being promoted online today. We have to take the help of digital marketing to promote the business. That is why digital marketing companies are providing many online jobs. AS Webworks is one of the Best Digital Marketing Company which provides online work from home

Are you thinking about online earnings?

I guess your answer is yes because in this situation of COVID19 we can’t even put our leg outside. So, if we talk about the digital marketing field, thousands of people earning through it by sitting at their homes. In a few past years digitalization takes its place in our country and the future, it will be huge and will be the biggest source of earning.

How to Making Money Online?

Here is some method of digital marketing by which you can earn by sitting at your home:

  1. Affiliate marketing

“Today every business use digital way to promote his business to the next level. Affiliate marketing is part of digital marketing. Many digital marketing agency is provide affiliated marketing services. because It is a highly popular way of earning in the field of digital marketing.”


  • firstly you need to find an e-commerce website that provides “work with us”
  • then, register yourself on that option, you will get your affiliate link
  • then, by that link, all you need to do is, promote the good or services of that websites.
  • people will get the goods and services by your links or promotion you will get the commission,


  •  Always go for the high commission paid websites so that you will get a good commission.
  • Work on more than one website is not that hard, it will balance your commission income.
  • Go for seasonal goods or services and switch according to the season.

affiliate marketing

2. Dropshipping

we can also call this oldskool earning commission system because their many small firms which are doing this for a very long time In dropshipping, you will be a mediator between the buyer and seller


  • find 4 to 5 goods that are not easily available
  • put your margin
  • promote the goods from a big wholesale market or website
  • you will get your commission by selling them


  • you can promote goods on your social media, groups so that people will aware of that goods
  • choose unique goods that seek the attention of the audience
  • always invest in fast delivery that maintains your image

best ways to make money online

3. Advertisements

The advertisement method is a little bit time consuming, but when it will take its actual place it will pay you well By doing this you just fulfill some requirements of google and it will run ads on your website and pay you accordingly The most beneficial thing about this practice is it will pay back your hard work.


  • Firstly you should have a website of any niche, doesn’t matter its a blogging website or an e-commerce
  • Then, you need to create traffic on your website, people should open your website for a longer time
  • Then, there is thing “Adsense”, you need to register your website on Adsense
  • Fulfill the requirements of Adsense, they will approve your website.
  • Then they start running ads on your website and pay accordingly.


  • Choose your niche of website wisely, just for attention never go for adultery niche
  • Content should be good so that people will spend more time on your website
  • Every hyperlink should be relevant otherwise it will increase your bounce rate

4. Social media influencing

Social media influencing is in trend these days, if you are good at something you can showcase your talent on social media In the last few years, it became a source of income for around 50% of youth People are being celebrities because of it and earning so well and making their brand image among the audience.


  • Make an account on famous social media sites like Instagram, youtube, and Facebook
  • Showcase your talent like in whatsoever  you are good in
  • Build your audience or subscribers or followers
  • Influence your audience by your talent or any activity you are doing on social media
  • When you will make yourself h brand on social media, you will get paid promotion because you have a large audience who follow you
  • Some of the social media sites will pay you like youtube when you will fulfill the terms of monetization option
  • You can even run ads on your social media channels and get paid by that


  • Always post good quality content on social media
  • Try to help or motivate people with your content
  • Try to make your content a little big so that you can run more ads in your videos
  • Maintain the engagement with your audience so that they watch your content frequently

ways to earn money online social media


Digital marketing comes with lots of benefits including expanding your customer base, followers, or subscribers in your local community as well as going global. Some challenges can be faced like an increase in bounce rate, reputation crisis, data security issue, and overnight loss of ranking Keeping these things in mind there is less chance for unexpected loss

Hopefully, the above techniques will help you to do something good in life.

Good luck!