If you have a business and want to reach more target audiences then you have to invest in Social media platforms. Social media is not just a platform to message your dear and loved ones, but it is also becoming a platform for the company to boost the brand reputation, increase engagement with the target audiences and it also increases our brand reach. In this article, you will learn how to reach your target audience, Social media platforms are the best way to reach your target audiences because there are many people nowadays who use social media. The number of people who use social media channels will be increasing day by day so you can’t ignore it.

How to Grow your Social Media presence: 

Earlier social media was used just for chatting with your friends and making new friends online, but today it has become a must-have platform for business for branding and marketing strategy. Now anyone can.

Social Media presenceSocial media presence means the visibility that the company or organization has on social media platforms and the connection that it is building with its followers. If you have higher followers on social media platforms then you can develop trust with the audiences and can build a direct relationship with them.

You have to use social media accounts to hear what your audience’s requirements are and you have to analyze what the behavior of your audience is. This insight will help you to build new customers to maintain the relationship with your existing customers and grow your social media presence.

Growing your social media presence and increasing your followers is becoming an easy task when you do it the right way. Standing from the crowd is becoming an impossible task, but now it’s not if you use it with a great proven strategy. Here are some tips that you can use to grow your social media presence.

how to grow on social media

  • Give people a reason to follow you: Give fans a reason to follow you on various social media channels. Look at various channels based on the location and strength, and give your audiences a reason to follow you on that specific platform. Think about the reason behind why people are using this particular platform and then create a plan to post the content on social media channels and share the content that matches with your target audiences. Think about what your competitors are offering to their audiences and what are values they are providing that attract the customers. Then write the things that set you apart from your competitors. 
  • Provide Questions and Answers: Sometimes asking your audience questions and answers it’s an easy way to improve your brand’s visibility. Instagram has introduced features like stories to reach the brand to their target audiences. Your company can ask the questions that your customers might have in their head or the questions they normally asked you in your post. You have to make sure that your answer is unique and is targeting each individual to become a loyal customer. This will not only increase the engagement but your customers will get more connected towards your brands by having questions and answer sessions.

Utilize paid advertising and sponsored posts: Many social media channels allow their users to use ads to reach their target audience and to promote their content. More companies are taking advantage of using this strategy to reach and raise the brand’s visibility. Sometimes finding audiences through organic is most difficult, and paid ads can help you to reach the content to right targeted audiences to increase the traffic that your company needs to complete the goals that you have set.

You must invest in paying the ads for the right platforms. You have to see in which channels there is more traffic and which channels your audiences are more active and according to that you must invest in paying for the ads otherwise it will be a waste of money and also a waste in the effort that you take.

  • Engage with everyone: If you want support from your audiences then engaging is the best way to do that. If people follow your brands then they expect that you will engage with them. If someone posted some comments about your brands then you have to try to respond to them. 

You can also engage your audiences by conducting events. Events are a great method of spreading your brand’s awareness. In an event you can create a post and can you hashtags, this can help to grab the attention of the audience. By doing this you can get traffic to your social media profiles. You can also add memes, humor and can show a bit of humanity to your post. Whenever you want to add a post make sure that it is making sense to your audience and the content is speaking about the brand’s voice.

You can also hold a contest, where you can ask the people to follow and like your page, and keep the current fans also keeping engaging with your page.

Some of the examples of social media contests can include:

Comment to win: Where participants can reply or can answer your post and can win the contest or giveaway.

  • Caption contest: Where you can upload a picture and can ask the participants to give a good caption to it and the best answer can win the contest by asking the people to vote for it.
  • Optimize your Content: Anything that you post on social media is visible in the search engine. It also means that it can also be visible on Google and other search engines. So you need to use a relevant keyword in your post whenever possible. This practice can help your company to get visibility for the right use of keywords. You can also check what your followers are doing and what they are searching for by using the google keyword planner or other tools. Once you have found the keyword you can use it on your next post or video to grab the attention of relevant keywords.
  • Learn about your audience:
    learn about your audience

    When you start interacting with your audiences then you have to see what their needs are. Only then can you interact with your audiences on a more personal level. You have to first identify how you can reach your target audience. 

You have to see what your audiences are interested in, what they want your next post to be, and how you can create your content that suits their requirements. By doing this they will engage more and will help to increase your social media presence. Once you have found the content that suits the audience then you can bring them to your website or your business. This will happen because you will be giving them the content that they want to see.


  • Identify your goals: Before setting your social media presence, you should have clear goals in your mind.
    identify your goals

You should ask yourself why you want to go online and what you want to achieve by going online. 

This step must be done first before you begin with your online campaign. If you don’t set your goals then you will be wasting your resources and time as well.

You must first know how these various social media platforms work and what this platform is particularly meant for. Then you can get a clear idea of which audiences to target. You can also target your audiences based on location and interest.

  • Encourage tagging: An effective way to engage your audiences is to ask them to tag the post which will be getting benefited from their post. But you have to only use this when it makes sense. 
  • Use Hashtags: Hashtags are used to get similar people together in one umbrella to grow the social media presence. Whenever you post something, give some relevant hashtags to it. This can bring the audiences to your account and later to your website.

How to Boost Social Media Engagement: 

As a small business owner, your time is very long and there are so many things that you have to do to run your business effectively and smoothly. Trends are always changing so you have to update yourself with them.

How to Boost Social Media Engagement
You have to regularly post content to increase the followers and when you neglect to post then your followers will not increase and when you post something then you will not get the likes or comments and then you feel that your content is invalid. 

Well, there are so many people in the country that are facing the same problems. 

Many people are failing to reach their target audience. But when you see the data available, you will get to know that there are billions of people out in the world who are using social media platforms. Then it becomes clear how social media is important for your business. 

You must see where you are doing the wrong things and analyze what you could do to get the things right. 

social media engagement
Let us see the steps you can use that will increase your social media presence, and build a strong and engaging community.

  • Make Quality Content: If you want to have your presence in social media accounts then you need to have content to post about. You must create a social media calendar where you can post the content that you will upload on your accounts. There are also some tools to create the calendar and he will remind us to post the content. You must create content that will attract your audience, so think of creative ideas that will attract your audience. 
  • Post regularly: If you want to create a strong social media presence, you must regularly post. If you post more then you will be getting more opportunities and your post will be shared by your followers. Answer the questions that your audiences have, and you can also ask your audiences what kind of information they want to see. You can use polls, stories, etc to stay connected with your audiences. 
  • Interact with Followers: While posting content you need to connect with your followers. It will take time, depending upon the platforms you use. Whenever your fans post some questions or comment on something then you need to answer them. You need to put on your notifications so you will be notified when someone comments on your post. You must be very responsive in commenting on the queries the audiences have, by doing this you will be getting more followers and you will be getting respect from them as well. You can also say thank you to your new followers for following you and make a conversation with anyone who tags you or mentions you online.
  • Cross-Promote your Network: If you want to achieve big in building up your social media accounts then you could cross-promote your accounts. Then you should share your Facebook, Twitter, and other social media accounts. If you have a Facebook account then you can also share your Twitter handle accounts to link with a short description into it.  

Add social media accounts link and follow buttons on your website and blogs and also to your email newsletter. If you do this your Facebook accounts followers will also follow you on your other social media accounts. 

  • Use Analytics Tool: If you want to know which techniques are working and which are not working then you should use an analytics tool for that. Social media analytics tools create performance reports that you can share with your employees or colleagues so that they can see what is working and what is not working and they can give suggestions of what they can do to improve that. 
  • Find your Ideal Platforms: Every business needs to be present on every social media platform that their targeted audiences must be using. Deciding which platforms to use will be depending on the location, what is your business about, and the interest of your audiences. 


  • You must analyze your audience’s demographics, locations, country, age, gender, and interest. 
  • You need to monitor your social media accounts activity, followers, views
  • You need to see are your stories are engaging are getting any views and you should also measure it 
  • Give some time to think which content will be more engaging 
  • It’s very important to engage with your audiences and solve there queries they have
  • You need to create content that will be more engaging and can increase your presence in social media accounts