Digital marketing is a Dynamic Environment

Algorithms are constantly being updated, and AI, which enhances most searches, is evolving rapidly. It’s easy to get lost in the competitions and “SEO techniques and digital marketing strategies.”

Why Is Google’s First Page Important?

Google’s search results include Knowledge Panels, answer boxes, expanding related questions, local results, and more. Being on the first page of Google implies more exposure and brand recognition for your business. As a result, improving your Google position and expanding your company’s visibility is a wise investment.

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We have carefully selected the majority of what’s available in the market and streamlined it into a simple easy-to-understand 10-point marketing guide to make things more efficient and simple to apply. 

This will free up time and resources for you to focus on improving your digital marketing strategy in 2021 and after, making life much easier.

10 Digital Marketing Techniques to Help You Rank Your Website

1. Quarterly SEO Audit : 

Perform an annual SEO audit on your website. SEO best practices are constantly changing with regular algorithm updates and changes. A good SEO audit should effectively communicate a  list of high-priority actions and justifications that outline the steps you need to take to improve the performance of your organic search.

The following are some of the most Important Causes to check your website:

  1. We’ve seen a decrease in organic traffic, so we need to find out why. 
  2. Part of the ongoing SEO strategy includes regular audits so you can quickly find and fix problems (recommended quarterly)
  3. You want to buy a website and figure out what you’re going to do next.


2.  Identify Keywords

Google determines which search query to respond to on your website’s pages first. These are referred to as keywords, and they can be a single word or phrase.

Here are some keyword examples 

  1.  “How to get to the first page of Google” 
  2.  ” salon near me”

The proper keywords for your business are those that your ideal consumer would type into a search engine to find the products and services they require.

3. Local SEO :

Google wants to show users the most relevant results. That is, you will see closer results. Focusing on local SEO not only makes it more relevant but also helps reduce costs. Local SEO covers everything from applying for a business listing to ensuring that your franchise location appears in Google’s local search  (a process called location data or citation management). It also extends to managing online ratings and reviews, local-centric engagement on social media, and more.

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4. Optimized For Conversion

The days when the success of  SEO activities was measured by the ranking of target keywords are over. Even if you rank on the first page of your target keywords, what’s on your website/landing page is important. While you focus on getting more traffic to your website, you to focus on your intent so that you can turn those visitors into leads and customers.

Pro Tip: Content that is updated regularly is considered one of the best indicators of website relevance. Therefore, make sure to keep them up to date. Review content according to a set schedule (for example, every semester) and update as needed.

5. Write For Folks :

The key to getting your first page on Google is to provide useful, easy-to-read, but informative content that can withstand your target audience. Remember to highlight keyword phrases in bold, italics, heading tags (especially  H1), and other highlighting tags. But don’t overdo it. The best pages are written for users, not search engines.

Pro Tip:  Of course, the most important place on your page to include the keywords you want to rank is the content of your page. However, it is important to incorporate these keywords naturally. Google is now able to detect keyword abuse. If detected, it is far from the first page of the results.

6.  Use Schema Markup and Rich Snippets For Content :

Websites that use schema markup are ranked higher in SERP than companies that do not use markup. Currently, one-third of Google Rich Snippet search results contain schema markup. There is no conclusive evidence that structured data improves rankings (so far), but there is evidence that search results, including rich snippets, have a high CTR.


Pro Tip: The most frequent types of schema markup are listed on

7. Focus on the Query’s Objective : 

By focusing on your intent, you are helping to build trust and reputation. Websites that are trusted by Google tend to be ranked higher over time. This also helps you connect with your audience before they click on your site.

8. Focus on Mobile Devices :

In 2016, mobile phones replaced PCs as a priority device for Internet access. Ignoring mobile marketing means ignoring the majority of potential customers. Smartphones and tablets account for over 50% of all website traffic. About 3 out of 5 consumers check their emails on their mobile phones. Make your site mobile responsive to take advantage of the large and ever-growing mobile market. 

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9.  Make a Plan For Internal Connectivity.

Internal links are often an overlooked aspect of digital marketing activities. Many studies have shown that proper internal links can improve SEO efforts. Internal links are managed by you, the site owner. With the right internal links, you can direct your visitors and Google to the most important pages. It also ensures that your intentions are met and that you are technically strong.

10. Check and Improve the Performance of Your Website :

Building a website is an easy part of things. Building a website that loads quickly, especially on mobile devices, is the most difficult part of a website development project. Nowadays, speed is everything. Studies show that adding 1 second to load time can reduce page views by 11%, conversions by 7%, and customer satisfaction by 16%

Pro Tip: Use tools such as GT Metrix, Pingdom, and Google Page Speed ​​Insights to see how fast your pages load on different devices.


Thank you for your interest in reading this article. We hope you find this article’s content to be helpful.

It’s time to get started!

If you follow all of the suggestions presented here, you will see a jump in your website’s search engine rank.

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