We are all aware that the QuickBooks desktop is one of the world’s most renowned business accounting software programs. Sometimes, while this program, certain technical issues occur. We have presented this post with the objective of discussing its causes and solution for QuickBooks Error Code C = 51.

We propose that you read this text attentively till the finish if you face such a mistake as well.

Why is the C=51 Error Code QuickBooks happening?

Generally speaking, QuickBooks Error Code C=51 appears on the screen with the “QuickBooks can’t find the TxList file” warning. You can also encounter this sort of error when the user attempts to remove TxList from TxLists list, but QuickBooks couldn’t find it.

This sort of error notice might also be found when the user removes a transaction file from any report.

Furthermore, if you have failed with QuickBooks error code C=51 and search for an immediate solution, do not worry about virtually every conceivable option offered by our Quickbooks support staff in this post to solve this issue.

QuickBooks Error Code C=51- What it is?

It would be healthful enough to acquire a quick insight into what that mistake is before studying the data associated with this error code. QuickBooks Error code C=51 occurs when a user is unable to search for the Tx List file on the screen.

The error message may be displayed on the screen stating “The TxList cannot be found.” You can also experience this sort of problem when the user tries to delete the trades from any report.

What are the needs for QuickBooks error code C=51 troubleshooting?

Before starting a solution, the prerequisites for the troubleshooting procedure should be checked first. In order to correct the QuickBooks Error Code C=51, three key items might be necessary.

The following are the three requirements:

  • Transaction log file (.TLG – in the same folder as the damaged QBW file) might be the very first need.
  • The damaged QuickBooks data file is another item on the necessities list (.QBW)
  • An earlier backup of the QuickBooks data file may also be required (.QBW or. QBB )

QuickBooks Error Code C=51- Actual Cause

Well, it is really beneficial for us to know the causes of the problem. See here some of the most frequent reasons for the QuickBooks Error Code C=51.

  • Any type of harm to the media might be a very first cause, such as backups on faulty drives.
  • The QuickBooks verification difficulties may be another factor.
  • The file may be damaged owing to this sort of mistake.
  • Including a reconstruction mistake and upgrade error such as QuickBooks may lead to the C = 51 error of QuickBooks.
  • If the server is broken or corrupted from your QuickBooks database, you may experience the same problem.

 Easy Steps To Solve QuickBooks Error code C=51

Now that you are investigating the causes and requirements for fixing the C=51 database issue in QuickBooks, it is time to select a solution that is the most effective and appropriate.

This mistake may be solved more than one way. In conjunction with the processes required, we shall explore each solution.

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Method #1:Upgrade your QuickBooks

The first approach we will talk about is the most simple. The QuickBooks may now be updated to the newest version to fix this sort of issue.

Therefore upgrade to the newest version of your QuickBooks and see if this fixes your problem.

Method #2: Data reconstruction

  • The first step with this approach is to shut all QuickBook tabs.
  • When the QuickBooks software is completed, the user must shut it off.
  • The next step is to reopen the QuickBooks and then conduct the identical job that you did at the time you came across the mistake.
  • The last stage is that the user must reconstruct the data in a correct format.

Method #3: Doctor file tool for QuickBooks

  • The QuickBooks file doctor tool can also assist to get rid of the C=51 error code.
  • To begin with, download the doctor tool for QuickBooks.
  • Then verify the files that are incorrect.
  • Use the QBs, Finally.

Method #4: Retrieve backup data

  • Restore the data from the backups.
  • After restoring the QuickBooks files, the user must hit Ctrl+ C, then drag and drop them into a new folder.
  • Right-click the file and select Properties from the drop-down menu.
  • If the backup file is smaller than 6MB, the backup file is erroneous.
  • In such instances, the user must create a new backup file.

Method#5:Check Internet Speed

While the system is downloading, the user may see this error number owing to network connectivity issues. The transactions may not be downloaded due to a network connectivity issue.

As a result, before beginning the downloading process, the user should check his or her internet connection.

Method #6:Audit Report

The trail report of QuickBooks Audit includes transactions that were unintentionally deleted or changed. By reinserting the information, the user can restore transactions. The following procedures are taken to open the report:

  • First, the user must access the menu for reports.
  • And then pick the accountant and tax choice, then click on the Trail audit option.
  • Forwards, the user must restorative of transactions lost because of any technological issue.


You can do any of the following procedures if you face such an error. We expect that the consumers may have a clear perspective of QuickBooks Error Code C=51 with the aid of this article.

If none of the approaches work for you, it is suggested to seek expert help, so that any additional mess may be avoided.