Many graduates get confused about what is next after graduation? They do not know what to do after graduation. For fresher it’s not that easy to get the proper job opportunity, either they get a data entry job opportunity or a call center job. Though they finished their degree with specialization sometimes it won’t work to get a good and perfect job opportunity to go forward. Many of the graduates could not choose the correct stream and they get stuck in call center jobs or data entry jobs. This won’t make available the better opportunity rather than the same as call center and data entry jobs. 

Career Planning

Career planning is one of the major time spans of an individual’s life. This completely depends on the individual’s interests and skills. Proper and correct planning of the career makes available better and optimum opportunities to the individual. This is an important process as it decides the future of an individual. Once you choose the path you can not easily change that, so it is important to understand the necessity of career planning correctly.

career planning

  1. Know your values: The first step of career planning is to know and understand your own values and qualities. Understanding own values and qualities are very important. On that basis, only an individual can reach the goal. Lack of understanding of potentiality may cause incorrect career planning.
  2. Learn about yourself: Next is to learn about yourself means to understand your qualities, to learn for which position you are made. What are your objectives, short-term goal, and long-term goal? Planning plays an important role as this helps you to reach your goal. 
  3. Identify your skills: Identification of our own skill sets is a major part. What skills are there so that we can correlate with the opportunity? Identification and development of skills are the useful aspects for getting fruitful returns, so if you understand or identify the skills it would be beneficial to improve them more. Keeping it updated is most important.
  4. Research career option: Doing research on the career is to understand what role or opportunities are there in the market. Which career path can take you to your goal. What objectives do you need to set up to reach that career option?
  5. Link your major and career: The last step of career planning is to link your major and career. After identifying career opportunities and analyzing your own skills and abilities, lastly, you need to co-relate both things. The potential and the qualities you have that are suitable for which career opportunity. Understanding and perfect ling the career and quality results in a perfect career for an individual.


 1.  Look for Related Opportunity

Related opportunities as the same as the degree you have done for. If you don’t go for the same opportunity as the specialization you have done in graduation it may cause a gap between your graduation and the job opportunity. Though sometimes the opportunity after the graduation offers a more petite package to the fresher then also you should take up. Some companies offer a good package to the freshers but many of the companies don’t prefer to give nice packages to the freshers. As they expect quality work from them. Theoretical knowledge and practical knowledge makes a huge difference, so companies offer fewer packages to freshers. 

Once freshers get training or experience of a good time span, they can go for another good opportunity if they don’t get a good offer in the same organization. After a good experience, they can expect a good package. Likewise, they can grow their career opportunities with good returns.

2.  Internships

After graduation, you can go for an internship. An internship is an opportunity where individuals can take practical training and develop skills. As the corporate world needs practical experience, this internship program gives you practical knowledge. Internship programs offer recommendation letters which uses to join the next opportunity in the corporate world. Some of the internships offer stipends during the training time as well as after training they may offer job offers, as well as the internee, has worked on their projects and they have the knowledge of it. During the internship, the internee can acquire practical knowledge like they can get application handling, report making, team handling, and many others. Interns get to know the work culture and they develop their interpersonal skills. They become confident related to their work as well as their potential. They also understand and identify their own skills which they might not know during the graduation journey.

3.  Courses

Courses are another path to give the right way to a career. In the field, if you have finished your graduation you can go for related stream courses. The course gives extra theoretical knowledge about the stream as well as gives practical knowledge. It helps individuals to enter the corporate world with good value. It helps to add quality to the resume. There is CV WRITING SERVICE UK which helps you to build a good resume.


The course can be related to the stream or may not be. The individual can choose a course according to their interest though the graduation is not related to the stream. But likewise, individuals should be ready to face the coming challenges as they have not chosen a related course. On the basis of course also an individual can make the good opportunity but it should be on the basis of their own patience and potential. There are many courses including Digital Marketing Course, Marketing Management, SAP, and many others. You can choose accordingly.

4. Post-Education

Post-graduation is the higher education of any stream. It makes available the master’s degree to the individual. It is also helpful to gain extra knowledge about the stream. Individuals can go for post-graduation and after that can look for the opportunity. Organizations consider post-graduate individuals as they know the individual must be having practical knowledge as post-graduate individuals do their internships during their journey. Post-graduation also helps an individual to develop interpersonal skills that are very necessary and important in the corporate world. This helps them to develop their skills and practical knowledge. Practical knowledge plays an important role to crack any of the organization’s career opportunities. Organizations also directly take up the post-graduation candidates through the placements, because they know the potential institutions can give to the individuals during their journey.

New start-up

After graduation, one can start a new venture or business. Planning and analysis can give output to any start-up business. It may take time to build up properly, but it can get started by using innovation strategies. After doing a proper analysis an individual can take up a loan for a start-up. This can be a bit difficult but if it works then there won’t be another way to get the maximum output.

6. Joint-venture

Networking is one of the strongest tools in the market. Network building can be done at any time or at any age. The network would become a user at any time. Sometimes network makes available the opportunities and takes an individual to the highest. 

By connecting, maximum people can be the most powerful team and that can start a joint venture. This becomes easier than starting a new start-up. This makes easy available huge resources as well as huge knowledge. This gets a number of ideas and solutions for the problem.

Conclusion: Planning of career path plays a major role. Perfect planning of career path makes it easy to step forward as an individual. This also helps to meet the short-term and long-term goals of an individual.

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