Digital marketing internships are short-term positions in the marketing department of a company or digital agency, and internships help develop and implement digital marketing campaigns. On a large marketing team, internships have the opportunity to network and interact with experienced digital marketers to learn about the inside and outside of the industry. Whether you’re doing an internship at a digital agency or a client-side internship, there are many benefits to starting a digital marketing internship and Opportunities for Freshers. 

What are an Internship and its importance?

An internship is basically a short work experience that provides a “real work environment” related to your career and work. This is a type of training that a person (called an intern) receives before getting into the actual work. This is beneficial for both internships and recruiting organizations. Interns gain hands-on experience and skills by working in an organization, and employers can benefit from your work.

Most companies prefer experienced employees, so everyone knows that work experience plays an important role in getting a better job with the right salary. So how can recent graduates gain work experience in their first job?  Internships play a role here. Students can participate in an internship program (similar to a summer internship) in the final year of their degree. These internships provide the hands-on skills and work experience required for an internship (on-campus or off-campus). Not only does it give you experience, but you can also build your network and sometimes letters of recommendation.  

There are many types of internship programs. Internships can be either paid or unpaid. Also, the period is different. The period is 15 days, 30 days, 2 months, or 3 months. Obviously, there are some differences between paid and unpaid internships or the duration of the internship. Let’s elaborate on them.

Role of Digital Marketing Intern and its Benefits?

As a digital marketing intern, you need to work with other team members to develop digital marketing strategies, content, and other deliverables that help you reach the goals and objectives of a particular client. The intern is also responsible for creating content for various media platforms. You also need to look at data analysis reports to better understand the effectiveness of your content marketing strategy and how to improve it. Jobs range from creative work to technical implementations, from search engine optimization to digital advertising, social media marketing, and email marketing. The actual scope of work varies from company to company, ranging from article writing to creative design, lead campaign support, and reporting. 

Internships in the field of digital marketing usually last for one to three months and may last for more than six months depending on the contract or personal agreement between the company and the intern.

Obtaining an internship at a digital agency can be a very different experience than an internship at a company (customer side). Digital agency internships can work on multiple client campaigns across different industries, but client-side internships typically experience only one industry. 

This gives digital agency internships more insight into the application of digital marketing strategies across different industries and the opportunity to gain hands-on experience. However, the workload of a digital agency can be much higher than on the client side. 

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Digital Marketing Internship Includes –

  • Search Engine Optimization,
  • Pay-per-Click,
  • Social Media Marketing,
  • Content Marketing,
  • Email Marketing,
  • Mobile Marketing,
  • Marketing
  • Managing Company’s official website.
  • Writing content for blog or website.

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There is
an entire ocean of knowledge and skills to discover in digital marketing. Even traditional marketers who graduated from college 10 years ago are amazed at how much marketing has come a long way. 

The term “T-shaped marketer” was coined to describe a person who has a general knowledge of all areas of marketing, but a deep knowledge of one or two specific areas. Working as a digital marketing intern provides an ideal learning platform for a broad overview of different areas of digital marketing. You will have the opportunity to learn about different marketing areas and discover your interests. This allows you to select a discipline with a clear direction for the future.

3 Ways to get Digital Marketing Internship 

  • Build Your Portfolio 

Start by gathering all the information about your qualifications and experience in one place. Create a website or blog that introduces your unique skills and past work. You can include a sample of work or personal work that can show an interest in digital marketing. This exercise will help you identify areas that require more experience. Do your own work on your website or blog and feature customer testimony.

  • Certification Course 

Digital marketing skills can be easily learned through free or paid certifications offered online. Every field requires some form of theoretical knowledge before it can actually be applied. Theoretical knowledge lays the foundation for your work. It also provides a basic idea of which areas of digital marketing you want to focus on most.  

There are also general digital marketing courses or specialized courses such as SEO, content marketing, SEM, paid to advertise, and copywriting.

  • Networking

By networking, you can gain a lot of knowledge and experience in a very short time. Connecting with people who are more experienced than you, especially in a wide range of fields such as digital marketing, can greatly help reduce the learning curve. 

Your main goal in networking shouldn’t be getting jobs or even referrals from them. You should just focus on building relationships, providing value to them, and learning everything you can from them (you basically have access to free knowledge and experience). 

Another advantage of this is that the network can lead to various direct or indirect opportunities in the future.


In summary, internships play an important role in shaping your career. Not only will students and graduates get used to the working environment. In an increasingly competitive job market, they set you apart from other candidates and help you acquire real-world knowledge, experience, and practical skills.


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