The automotive industry or Automobile sector of India comes under one of the largest growing sectors in the world. The automobile industry not just includes some fancy cars and motorcycles but trucks, tractors, farm equipment, and other well-equipped vehicles do come under this sector. Tractors are one of the most useful vehicles in India as they are used to do many heavy machinery works including farming, agriculture, mining, and construction. In India, tractors are mostly used for farming. With the times, a varied range of tractors has emerged out for doing multiple tasks. In this article, we will explain tractor manufacturing companies in India.

Significance of Tractors

  • Majorly used for doing various agricultural activities on farms.
  • Often used to carry and pull heavy loads.
  • Can be used to dig up and clear large shrubs and bushes.
  • Maintaining the lawns and gardens by ploughing.
  • Helps in heavy landscaping and mining work.
  • Carrying construction materials.

Mahindra is one of India’s no. 1 brand of tractors. It is ruling over the nation for the past 3 decades. Mahindra Group who owns this tractor brand has world-class manufacturing units that provide excellent quality products. With an exquisite range of tractors, Mahindra became the first tractor brand in India to launch over 3 million tractors in March 2019. It has been serving high-quality tractors to the farmers for generations. With advanced and innovative technology solutions Mahindra tractors are built with tough and heavy bodies and parts.

Sonalika is a leading tractor brand in India. The evolution of its powerful tractor ranges has made it a global exporter brand too. It is the most reliable tractor brand that serves the community of farmers in India by fulfilling their basic agricultural needs with its premium quality under a considerable budget. Its heavy-duty products made it a top choice among the farmers. Sonalika tractors are presently serving in more than 130 countries and do have a manufacturing plant in Hoshiarpur, Punjab. About 11 lakhs farmers are using this brand globally.

The company’s head office is in Chandigarh, Punjab while its mechanical plant is in Himachal Pradesh. It was set up in 2010 and since then it has launched 3 models of tractors till now. The company manufactures well-equipped heavy-duty models of tractors, spare parts, and accessories. Its three models Agri King T44, Agri King 20-55, and Agri King T54 ensure the best quality with Powerful HP engines. Heavy machinery and top-quality spare parts with high lift capacity tractors make it an affordable and unique tractor brand.
agri king

The company was set up in 1974 with the goal of being one of the top leading tractor brands in India. It produces a range of specialized tractors that are designed with heavy machinery to facilitate farming needs. It is one of the most trusted and reliable tractor brands that farmers prefer to purchase for their agricultural farm processes. Its high performance and low maintenance cost make it chosen over other brands. Its logo ‘Mera Swaraj’ refers to the pride and prosperity of a farmer which makes it quite unique.
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It is a Barnala, Punjab-based company that was established in 1975. Later on, got registered in 1990. It manufactures an enormous range of tractors, harvesters, and other agricultural implements. They meet the expectations of the customers by providing them with high-quality specialized products. For them, customer satisfaction is their major goal so they keep an eye on customers’ basic requirements along with budget-friendly operations. They cordially cooperate with customers to guarantee excellent and quality products.
Standard Corporation

Super Tractor Company has been serving for the past 40 years in our country by producing three-point linkage parts for tractors and its other automotive components. Its head office is in Ludhiana, Punjab. They are global exports with advanced technology machinery parts. They also make customized tractor parts and accessories as per the requirement and needs of customers. They provide quality assurance along with the commitment to timely deliveries.
Super Tractor

Preet Group founded Preet Agro Industries back in 1980 with the initial production of reapers, threshers, and other agricultural implements. After 6 years, in 1986 they rolled out their first tractor with a combination of the harvester in it. After that, the innovative journey of manufacturing tractors and other agricultural components with reliability and high performance made it a popular brand among farmers all over the country. Approaching the latest machines and technologies in production makes it a trustworthy brand.

The company has launched India’s first mini tractor in 1998 with the help of modern technological tools and equipment. The company always thought extraordinarily about the concerns of farmers and their agricultural aspects. It has a visionary aim of satisfying farmers’ expectations. It has rolled out almost 7 innovative generations of mini tractors and is still in progress.



So here we tried to provide quick insight to some of the best tractor manufacturing companies of India that are constantly growing and making remarkable progress in the global market too.

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