Website builders are the perfect choice for small businesses or individuals who do not want to hire developers. However, it can be quite difficult to choose the best website builder, especially for beginners. The availability of lots of website-building platforms makes this selection quite difficult. So, here we are going to compare five popular website building platforms with their pros and cons.

What you Need to Consider Before Selecting

Before selecting your best website builder write down or know your exact requirement and business goals. Moreover, know what you want to list on your websites like contact forms, social media, images, blog section, or something else?

If you are not sure about the features that you want to put on your website then do not worry and check the website of your competitors to get inspired. Moreover, before selecting your website builder just make sure that your selected builder is capable to handle your business needs. You can look for the following properties before selecting your right building partner:

  • Ease of Use
  • Pricing
  • Design and Feature
  • Customer Support
  • Security

These features can make your selection easier, so now after getting familiar with all of these features let us now discuss the top 5 website building platforms with their pros and cons.

Website Builder


Wix is a cloud-based and popular website building platform. Wix is popular due to its ease of use and many other user-beneficial features. Wix offers a free version with some standard features and Wix branded subdomain. However, Wix users can connect a domain at anytime at $14 per month, $23 per month. The pros and cons of Wix are listed below:


  • Availability of plenty of editable templates
  • AI-enabled website builder
  • Limited storage and bandwidth in the Free plan.
  • Popular platform


  • A free plan will show Wix ads on your website
  • Upgrade to Combo or Unlimited plan is required to remove the ads
  • Moving website away from Wix is quite complicated
  • Additional cost to add customized domain

HubSpot Website Builder

HubSpot Website Builder is known as a popular content management platform that is built for small business owners or marketers. The main power of HubSpot is its drag and drop website builder, CRM, and marketing automation that can help you in delivering a personalized digital experience to the users. Website users can choose a free plan however, the cost of the paid plan is $45 per month for the started plan. The platform is quite popular and offers the following pros and cons:


  • It is known as the world’s leading CRM and marketing automation platform
  • The website can be built in a few minutes
  • Conversion optimized website templates
  • Adaptive testing of website template is possible


  • For personal websites, the platform is good not for e-Commerce platforms
  • HubSpot sites can be seamlessly integrated with WordPress plugin
  • Small business owners can feel overwhelmed due to plenty of available features



WebsFB is a cost-effective and popular website-building platform for small businesses. You can find plenty of suitable business website templates that can help you in developing a customized website. Customize web development is just a 7 step easy process on WebsFB. At WebsFB you can get 2 options to create a website:

  1. Do it yourself (Website builder) – This is simply 7 steps and your website is live. You can get a free website set up and hosting is offered for the first 6 months and after that $1 per month only. For free trial, No credit card is required to use.
  2. Custom website (Do it for you) – This is again a simple 7 step where you need to fill in information about your website and their team can create a website in just 3 days for you.

Here are the Pros and cons of WebsFB include:


  • Covered both types of users (Website builder and Done for you)
  • Free website setup and hosting
  • SSL enabled Secure website
  • Web support
  • Free to use business-ready templates
  • Free lead generation form Available to add
  • Free video embeds feature.
  • Free gallery images.
  • Low cost
  • Data Backup
  • 24×7 Server Monitoring
  • Security Audits


  • Not suitable for E-commerce site
  • More features available in paid plans
  • A suitable platform for small business websites or startups


WooCommerce is a popular eCommerce website-building platform that can help you in starting an online store. This is an open-source eCommerce software built on WordPress, but approx. 8.8% of all e-commerce software are using WooCommerce as their website building platform. The platform is free however, you may need a domain name and web hosting to start the website.  The pros and cons of the WooCommerce platform are:


  • Best suitable website builder for eCommerce sites
  • Online payments can be accepted easily
  • No extra transaction fee to change the payment solution
  • The creation of customized sales funnels and landing pages is possible


  • A completely new platform for beginners
  • Regular website maintenance and backup is required
  • A separate hosting plan is required


BigCommerce is also an eCommerce website builder platform like WooCommerce. Users can easily create and scale their online store through the BigCommerce platform. It offers many built-in features that can keep your margins high and overhead low. The platform offers free 15 days trial plan and the cost of premium plans may cost from $29.95 to $299.95 per month. Other pros and cons of the BigCommerce platform include the following:


  • A purely self-hosted platform
  • Native WordPress integration is available
  • All popular payment gateway integration is available
  • Built-in conversion rate optimization is available


  • Pricing is a bit higher for small businesses or startups
  • It may be difficult to migrate the site from BigCommerce to another platform
  • The trial pack is available only for a few days

Right Website Builder for You

Choice of the best website-building tool depends on your business need. Here, we have discussed the popular 5 website-building platforms, you can select the one as per their features. You can go with either Wix or WebsFB website builder if you do not own an E-commerce business, while E-commerce businesses can choose