Effective writing has become one of the most important skills in the contemporary world. Students, business people, and professionals must produce high-quality content to appeal to their target audiences. If you need to stand out in your field, drive better results for your studies or business, or convey your ideas clearly, then you must have the appropriate skills. However, writing is not a walk in the park for most people. In this post, we will discuss the top 10 writing tools that you can utilize to write like a professional. Whether you’re a student wishing to write the perfect essay or a professional who wants to write attention-grabbing emails, these tools can up your writing game.

Top 10 Writing Tools are Bellow:

1. Grammarly

This is one of the most popular writing tools and it’s a must-have tool for anyone looking to produce high-quality writing. The tool checks your spelling and grammar and suggests improvements to your writing style, tone, and clarity. The software provides real-time feedback to help you correct your errors as you type. It’s an excellent tool for anyone looking to produce high-quality writing with fewer errors.

Melissa Austin, an academician, and a freelance essay writer emphasizes that this tool makes it possible for her company to lower costs. She notes, “We don’t have to hire many editors and proofreaders. Grammarly does most of the editing and proofreading work, that’s why we’re able to provide a cheap custom essay writing service. We transfer the cost savings to our customers”. So if you need error-free content, then you should probably consider using Grammarly.

2. Hemingway Editor

Another useful writing tool is the Hemingway Editor. The tool can help you to improve the readability of your content by highlighting passive voice, complex sentences, and other common mistakes. Moreover, the application generates a score on how easy it is for people to read your content and makes suggestions regarding things you can do to enhance the content using simpler and more engaging content.

What’s more, the editor has a free version which is as effective as the premium one. So if you want to create clear and concise content that your audience can easily read and understand, then you should consider using the Hemingway app.

3. Scrivener

Scrivener is an exceptional tool for screenwriters and authors. It is a powerful application that you can utilize to organize your writing and research in one place.

Writing great content takes a lot of research, which involves taking many notes. With Scrivener, you can create an outline, write a quick draft, and revise your work in one central place. By using the tool, you can remain organized and focused, which can save you loads of time and effort.

4. ProWritingAid

With ProWritingAid, you don’t have to hire a professional editor or proofreader to check your work for you. You can utilize the tool to check your content for grammar and spelling mistakes, vague language, repetitive words, and other common writing mistakes.

Furthermore, the application provides detailed reports regarding your writing and suggests ways that you can enhance your writing style.

The tool has a free version, although it lacks some important premium features. However, you will still get decent results using the free version.

5. Evernote

Evernote is an excellent note-taking application that can help you remain organized when developing your content. Similar to Scrivener, it allows you to store your research, ideas, and notes in one place. The best part is that you can access these notes from anywhere and share them with other people on your team.

By using the tool, you can keep track of your research and ideas, thus saving you a lot of time and allowing you to write better content within shorter periods.

6. Trello

If you want to manage your writing projects better, then you should consider using Trello. It’s a project management tool that can help you to stay on track with your writing projects.

The tool is particularly important for larger writing projects since you can create a board for the project, then create cards for each task.

Besides, you can assign due dates, add comments, as well as collaborate with other members of your team on the platform. The tool is very affordable and it offers great benefits especially when larger writing projects are involved.

7. Google Docs

Google Docs is one of the best tools for contemporary writers. The tool is cloud-based and it is designed for collaboration.

Google Docs can allow you to write and edit documents online in real-time with other people in your team. For instance, you can share documents with other team members and leave comments and suggestions regarding where they should make changes.

Furthermore, the tool highlights the changes that each person has made to the document, which makes it a perfect collaboration tool where the input of several writers is needed.

8. Yoast SEO

If you’re into SEO or web content writing, then you probably know how important it is to write optimized content. Yoast SEO is a good tool to consider if you need to optimize your content for search engines.

With the assistance of the tool, you can check your content for SEO best practices including using keywords and keyword-rich meta titles and descriptions.

Additionally, the tool offers suggestions on ways you can enhance the readability and engagement of your web content, thus making it more likely to rank high in the search engines.

Yoast SEO has a free and premium version. The free version has basic (but adequate) features, while the premium version has additional features that can make your content even better.

9. MindNote

Do you need to brainstorm ideas for your writing project? Then you probably need Mindnote. The application is a mind-mapping tool that can allow you to brainstorm ideas by creating a visual map and assisting you to better understand the relationships between them.

 The tool can be helpful during the planning and outlining stages of your writing project.

10. Google Keep

Writing great content requires that you do extensive research while keeping a record of your ideas, else you risk forgetting most of what you have identified when researching. Google Keep is an effective tool for note-taking or jotting down ideas.

Unlike your word processor, you can access the notes from anywhere as long as you have internet connectivity. Besides, you can set reminders and add images to your notes, which makes them more interactive. The reminders can help you to keep track of important events. If you have complex projects that require extensive research, then this tool can be a quick fix. These are just some of the many writing tools available to help writers improve their skills and productivity. With the right tools, you can streamline your writing process, improve your writing style, and produce high-quality content. In addition to using writing tools, hiring professional writing services can also be an effective way to improve your writing. Most writing companies offer a range of services to help you achieve your writing goals. If you do your research well, you can get a writing service that’s cheap and delivers quality work. These services are particularly important for students, business people, or even professionals who do not have the time or the skills needed to write effective content. They usually have professionals who are qualified and experienced in various fields of study, which allows them to provide you with well-researched and high-quality content. They can help you with all aspects of the writing process, from brainstorming ideas to editing and proofreading your work. For instance, if you need a business plan or a marketing plan, these services can help and the best part is that they are cheaper compared to most agencies that offer professional writing services. Most of these services also have fast turnaround times and they offer a money-back guarantee, so you can be confident that you’re getting high-quality work.


writing is an essential skill that requires practice and the right tools. Using top 10 writing tools like Grammarly, Hemingway Editor, Scrivener, ProWritingAid, Evernote, Trello, Google Docs, Yoast SEO, MindNode, and Google Keep can help you improve your writing skills and productivity. Additionally, hiring a professional writing service like Freelanceessays.com can also be an effective way to improve your writing and produce high-quality content. With the right tools and support, you can become a more productive and effective writer.