Looking for the best PHP framework according to your convenience? Well, the PHP framework is the most commonly used programming language by developers for application or website development works. It has become a necessity to create and maintain a website or application to run your online business successfully in this digital marketing era. PHP framework has always been a time saver and smart option for the developers that shorten their tedious tasks.

Nearly 80% of websites and applications are backed with PHP Frameworks. This framework helps the developer to build and update web applications by providing reusable code in a well-organized way. It can assist you in the right direction to finish your project within the deadline. There are plenty of PHP Frameworks in this digital market to work with and you need to choose the right one as per your project needs. So, let us take a look at the top 10 list of PHP Frameworks for web development.

Top 10 PHP Frameworks for Web Development

1. Laravel

You need to use Laravel to see the advancement of this programming. The Advanced MVC architecture and all advanced features can expedite your web development process. This is the most developer-friendly framework that is featured with a Powerful query library. This is the ultimate web development solution with reduced complexity, especially for routing, sessions, caching, queuing, and authentication.

This framework also provides a hassle-free development process with its Vagrant box of Homestead feature. It is technically equipped with other features and overloading capabilities that can help you to present your extensive projects in a simplified way.

2. Symfony

If you are going to have a large-scale project, you may need this Symfony PHP framework to manage your work perfectly. It has always been a trustworthy framework for developers for a long time. This is the most recommended framework by web developers for its multiple advanced features. The components of Symfony are mainly used in popular content management systems like OroCRM, PHPBB, and Drupal.

Symfony PHP framework is infused with the largest number of bundles that can be an advantage for all developers. It offers official training courses also with valid certifications.

3. Yii 2

If you want a PHP framework with a simple configuration that can also provide high security of your data, then Yii 2 can be the best option for you as a developer. This oldest framework is specially designed to deliver large-scale website development projects. Yii is the most powerful class code generator of Yii 2 that is integrated with AJAX and jQuery features. It helps programmers to develop and generate their desired code with speed.

4. Phalcon

If you want a C and C++ coding-style-based PHP framework that can provide you with advanced development features and facilities, then Phalcon is the best option for you. This developer-friendly framework is backed with advanced security features, autoloading mechanism, and a low memory consumption facility that comes with blazing fast speed. All the exceptional features (caching, MVC, ORM, asset management, universal autoloader, and more) are included with this PHP framework.

5. Zend Framework

Zend Framework is one of the most powerful PHP frameworks that are specially designed to create high-end enterprise-level web applications. It is a highly object-oriented and SEO-friendly framework that is equipped with a lightweight component library that can be a special relief for the developers. The framework is featured with cryptographic coding tools, Database Wizard, drag & drop editor, and other useful tools. It also supports third-party components, multilingual features, and AJAX.

6. CakePHP

CakePHP is the most widely appreciated framework that is perfectly balanced with security, reliability, and speed factors. Many developers choose this framework for its effective features like CSRF protection, XSS prevention, SQL injection prevention, clean MVC conventions, zero configurations, cross-site scripting protection, and more. It is a better option for commercial web application projects to deal with.

7. Aura

If you want to write codes for your web development project without depending on a fully stack-based framework, then Aura is the best option for you. This highly flexible PHP framework is featured with a self-contained library and swift development facility that can be used for extensive documentation independently.

8. CodeIgniter

If you need a lightweight PHP framework to develop your project in a shorter time, then CodeIgniter is the best option for you to choose from. It has a hassle-free installation facility that provides high-end performance with several tools included in one package. It can be the best solution for all the complex problems faced by the developers in their projects. With flexibility, this framework offers simple security, easy error handling ability, and advanced encryption steps without any struggle for PHP adoption.

9. Slim

Slim is one of the most popular lightweight and broad micro frameworks that are mainly used to create medium or small-scale websites, services, and RESTful APIs. It can make your template rendering job easy with its multiple features. This minimalistic PHP framework is technically crafted with advanced features like HTTP caching (client-side), cookie encryption, URL routing, session, and more.

10. FuelPHP

If you need to work on a highly extensible and modular PHP MVC framework for your web app development project, then FuelPHP is the ultimate solution for you. HMVC (Hierarchical Model View Controller), the enhanced version of MVC is supported by this FuelPHP framework. It is a highly recommended framework to develop high-end web applications that comes with advanced security features for the developers. It has a built-in modular structure that is capable enough to deliver high-quality performance at an extremely fast speed.


The PHP framework is mainly designed to reduce the extra effort and time of a developer to develop web applications. Above is the list of the top 10 PHP frameworks that are technically backed with different features and facilities. You just need to choose the right one as per your project requirements.