When the topic is fashion, hip hop culture and streetwear clothing can not be missed. The coolest and classy clothing for youngsters as well as for old people in the street wears around the globe.

Hip Hop Fashion

This fashion named urban fashion is originated from black America and from New York city which is then followed by LA. Talking about urban clothing which also includes Men’s streetwear t-shirts and women’s look styling.

All cities of the US have contributed with some factors is shaping the trend like what it is now. This fashion promotes the hip hop culture and now is famous among all countries in the world.

This fashion is easily carried by many people because it is not difficult to wear and walk with. The clothes are usually baggy and loose. The jeans and t-shirts are oversized, and one can easily manage to wear them.

This fashion is originated as a dressing trend that allowed a person to express fearlessness and individuality. It is then evolved over the years when it reached other cities and countries. Every country added a bit of their own touch to hip hop and streetwear fashion and make it their own.

Influence of Celebrities on Fashion

As the entertainment industry has always been the front to make trends of clothes, the music industry also played a great role. This fashion style was inspired by rappers and singers. A rapper named Tupac was famous for his lyrics in the ’90s.

He was a legend when it comes to his lyrics and style. His dressing has given a style statement to millions of people. Wearing bandanas was made common because of him. Bandanas and caps with baggy T-shirts or football hoodies were something very classy and cool at that time.

He made bandanas a hand accessory with time. His dressing has inspired a lot of people even designers to believe it what they can create and innovate their designs.

In addition to it, Snoop Dogg’s sweatshirts are another era of legendary dressing. He made people realize that what is important is the individual style a person carries with confidence. It is what gives oneself a feeling of pride.

Urban Street Wear

The years of 90s had Tommy Hilfiger as the most loved and famous brand of sportswear, whereas brands like Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, DKNY, and Nautica were also among the most famous brands.

Snoop Dogg wore a rugby shirt from Hilfiger on a show and it was sold the very next day from the stores. Moreover, the tube tops were a must-have item for girls in their wardrobes. Many music icons were seen dressed in them on shows.

Furthermore, many other celebrities wore urban wear and ended up making it a fashion and a must thing to do especially in teens. The teenagers are still inspired to wear loose baggy shirts ad jeans and develop confidence in them.

This type of dressing gives a ‘not care’ vibe to a person which is more than a concept. It gives people to confidence to believe in themselves and make sure they do not copy others and not even think for a second to underestimate themselves.

Urban streetwear clothing includes oversized accessories like glasses and chains with the clothes. The clothes are graphic printed and baggy in shape. It is not gender-restricted. It is also in for girls as it is for boys.

Criticism on Hip Hop Fashion

Started from the ’90s to be the famous trend among fashionistas, this clothing culture has also faced much criticism. Many commentators have criticized the cost of these hip-hop clothing styles.

A song rapped by a rapper included the line that all we about is hairstyles and tennis shoes. Many fans expressed their disappointment over the high price of these types of clothes. Their original buyers are less in numbers, but the people who want them to be bought are more than imagination.

The price criticism went on as they started advertising expensive streetwear in magazines and ads. Once a reader emailed that they should stop advertising this many expensive clothes so that people would not think to work harder or to steal anything to buy them.

They should be reasonably priced so that the people who want to dress like it can afford them and do not think to do something wrong in order to complete and fulfill their wishes.

Moreover, many big robberies took place with celebrities too. Once a robber robbed a Rolex from a celebrity. These types of incidents made it clear that when people want a thing and can never have it, he finds another way to have it whether right or wrong.

To overcome this problem, many brands have made first copies of the originals to make them reasonable enough to be bought by every streetwear lover. However, men’s streetwear clothing was more famous than women’s but that is not the case anymore.