Medical Store Management System is used to manage the stock and sale/ Purchase. In the medical store, the record is very important. This application is very useful to manage the record of medicines and payments. This is made in web development. The owner can access this application from anywhere. not even that, this very organise a way to do professional work. medical is a field in which we need to deal with so many varieties and different kinds of things and everything we can not store in mind. So for that problem, it’s a solution and sometimes we need to add additional data so with this software it will become very easy and organised. Normally in this kind of situation employees hired but if all processes and management become easy so an owner reduces the expenses by managing it all on their own. It is very effective and efficient.

Features that can be Included

  • Users:- There is having multiple users option. Multiple users can manage this application according to their permissions or roles.
  • Customer:- Customer’s record can be saved and get record at any time. Also, customer detail used for billing.
  • Rack:- There is having a reach option to manage the medicines. Using this option can easily identify medicine.
  • Supplier:- Supplier option is available to add the supplier’s detail where you buy the medicines.
  • Product:- Easily can add the product detail using the category which helps to the billing section.
  • Organization Configuration:- you can configure the organization detail in the simplest method ie. organization name, phone, address, etc.

Modules of Medical Store Management System

  • Users
  • Customer
  • Rack
  • Category
  • Supplier
  • Product
  • Return Product to Supplier
  • Billing
  • Sale Report
  • Purchase Report
  • Purchase Return Report
  • Cash Report
  • Email Configuration
  • Currency Configuration
  • Organization Configuration


  • Apache Server
  • Mysqli Database

User Detail:-

username:- admin

Password:- admin

Download the Source Code