When it comes to programming, you need to deal with multiple programming languages.

Some of the most used languages in programming are XML, HTML, JSON, and Python.

Being a programmer, you have to work with a few of these languages in different dimensions.

Sometimes, it is important for you to understand the importance of these languages and their interconverting process.

This is just because sometimes you have to deal with multiple languages and might need to convert any of them according to the requirement of the program.

In most cases, programmers need to convert XML to JSON and vice versa.

The main reason behind this is that both of these languages are considered the best in developing a program within a limited time.

In this guide, we are going to tell you about XML and JSON in detail and we’ll also show you how to easily convert these popular languages into one another.

What is XML?

XML is the extended markup language and plays a key role in developing a structure by using several codes.

This language is a commonly used format for storing and transforming data.

Several well-known and popular companies use XML for data transformation.

What is JSON?

JSON is the JavaScript Object Notation used to store and represent the data by JavaScript object syntax.

This language is a lightweight format as compared to XML and stores the data in the form of key/value pairs.

The key pairs are the strings that are used in python tutorial and values are referred to as JSON categories.

How to Quickly Convert XML to JSON?

Converting XML to JSON is not tricky but converting it manually takes both time and effort.

There are two possible methods that can help users to easily perform the conversion process and these methods are:

1.   By Using the External Libraries

Multiple libraries can help users to convert XML to JSON. Using libraries is the very first method that allows users to perform the conversion process by entering the code in the library.

Once the user adds the code there, it quickly reads the complete equation and converts it into JavaScript. This will take very little time for users to easily understand the output.

By using the libraries, users can easily remove the complexities of the code and can get the best result by spending a lot of time.

2.   By Using Different Online Tools

Using different online tools could be the perfect option for users to convert XML to JSON within a short time.

These free online tools give a quick response and change XML to JSON very efficiently.

Further in this guide, we are going to list some of the most recommended XML to JSON converters that allow users to convert their XML code to JSON in no time.

4 Most Suggested XML to JSON Converting Tools

The below websites are providing the XML to JSON converters:

1.   Utilities-online.info

This platform provides multiple useful online tools to help programmers in several ways.

The XML to JSON converter by this platform allows users to easily convert their XML code into JSON within a single click.

The converter allows users to write or paste their code in the input box and converts the XML code JSON and vice versa.

The best thing about this converter is that it provides sample data so that users can check its working before entering their code.

json to xml converterFeatures of this Converter

  • Provides an easy-to-use interface
  • Allow users to upload programming files from their systems
  • Provides an amazing feature to upload code by entering the URL
  • Gives an option to download the output file in TXT format
  • Gives both XML to JSON and JSON to XML converting features
  • Free and secure to use for every programmer

2.   Easycodeforall.com

The Easycodefor all is one of the finest platforms which provides different programming tools and converters for programmers,

It also provides a free XML to JSON converter that can help coders instantly convert their code without any hurdle.

It also gives sample data so that users can check its converting process before using their own code.

The converted JSON code of the sample data is:

Apart from the JSON conversion, it also generates the JSON with attribute camelcase.

Features of this Tool

  • Provides sample data to quickly check the conversion process
  • Gives an option to generate output in a compact format
  • Allow users to add “ [ ] ” when the repetitive element is found
  • Also, allow users to remove root element name from the generated JSON string
  • Allow users to convert their code only from XML to JSON
  • Doesn’t require any signup process to start conversion

3.   Cleancss.com

The Cleancss is the perfect platform for developers because it providers useful languages converters, encoding, and decoding online tools.

The XML to JSON converter by Cleancss allows users to easily convert their XML code into JSON with an easy-to-use interface.

Just like the above converters, it doesn’t provide sample data to check its conversion process.

To check its working, we have entered a sample data in the input box and the results are:

xml to json online
Features of this online Converter:

  • Provides an option to upload files from the system
  • Also, allow users to upload code by using the entering URL feature
  • Converts XML to JSON within a fraction of seconds
  • Free and easy to use for all programmers

4.   Javadev.github.io

The XML to JSON converting tool by this platform allows programmers to quickly convert their XML code into JSON without any hurdle.

It provides a simple interface and provides two different examples to check the working of this tool.

We selected example one from the options and the results are:
convert xml to json online

Features of this Online Tool

  • Provides an option to upload files in different formats
  • Allow users to upload code by using the URL feature
  • Converts XML code into the JSON in real-time
  • Gives an option to download the result file
  • Free and easy to use while converting XML code into JSON