The best way to rank any of your sites is through Google. There’s a no-brainer to that. Google is regarded as one of the most powerful tools to help you boost your site. If you have developed a brand new site, you should be aware of the effectiveness and importance of google.

Google is the world’s biggest search engine which holds 88% of total searches and contains the world’s information, including webpages, images, videos, and much other information.

Google SEO is the most powerful tool to grow your website organically and the rest of other techniques include Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Pay-Per-Click (PPC), and others.

All sites want to rank up their sites on Google’s first page as most of the clicks come through the first page only; more than 75% of people don’t tend to go past Google’s first page.

Step by Step Guide: Boost your Brand New Site up Google’s ranking

To make your site grow, you should target to appear on google’s first page as more traffic means more business.

There are billions of searches going through on google daily, making business sites making Google the only source of traffic.

Having content and keywords people are most interested in can attract more traffic to your site from Google and help improve your Google ranking.

Many tools and applications can help your site optimize and further help you research, like Ahrefs, Semrush, and Backlinko helping you in all of the steps to guide you.

There are no formulas to quickly rank your brand new site daily with Google’s changing algorithms. But with full use of resources available, dedication, and enhancing your creativity level, you can do so. Here’s how you can boost your brand new site in Google’s ranking,

Quality Content

Quality content gives audiences the value they want and need to make a confident and informed decision. You, as a creator, should work out creative and relevant content to help target audiences.

Creating quality content can make your post shareable and attract more traffic, helping get quality backlinks.

To create quality content, you should be able to improvise on bringing unique ideas, be trustworthy, contain a high level of expertise and open-source, readable, make catchy headlines, and be consistent in your writing.

Google is constantly creating algorithms to find quality content on the Internet, so enhancing your new site’s content is vital.

Improvise your On-page Search Engine Optimization(SEO)

After creating a new site for your business, sorting out and bringing in necessary changes to your on-page SEO is a must.

On-page SEO is regarded as one of the fastest and most effective ways to rank your site on Google.

Your site’s on-page SEO should be fully optimized, including title tags, meta descriptions, images, and other necessary details. Ensure your content is optimized with proper keywords, including the right metrics and density.

Improvement of the On-page SEO leads to a higher Click-through Rate for the organic results on our site.

Decrease your bounce rate

People visiting your site and instantly bouncing to search results are not good. A higher bounce rate is a clear signal to Google that audiences are unhappy with the site.

Having more bounce rates will harm your Google rankings. It would help if you understood there are some defects on your site.

You should improve your content, make your site more appealing, and provide people with the exact information for what they came for.

You can’t provide misinformation, have awful content and expect people to engage in the site itself. Providing Search Intent can help you tackle this problem and ensure quality information and content on your site.

Keyword research

One of the important strategies for marketing your new site is carrying out detailed keyword research. Your site will have positive growth if you have an actual concept of how it works.

The idea is to find keywords that can bring loads of traffic to your sites. Being a beginner, you should target a less competitive niche market and don’t focus on a single keyword. You can always mix up a keyword for your content.

You should be able to gather keywords audiences are likely to search, have an eye on your competitor’s keyword, and use keyword analysis to improve your content

If you need your site to make progress quickly, you need backlinking. A backlink for given resource links from another website to that web resource. You need to get rid of spammy backlinks and focus on quality.

It would be best if you tried to partner or team up with relevant parties for backlinking. You can offer multiple contents and request them to place your meaningful anchor text in the post. You can try guest posting and resource pages to backlink.

You must ensure the sites you are approaching are relevant and useful. Else, backlinking with spammy sites and providing misinformation can rather get your sites penalized or even get your site blocked on Google.

Mobile friendly

Another important thing to know after developing your site is to ensure that your site is mobile-friendly. More than 50 % of the traffic comes from mobile users.

If you want your site’s rank to place higher, your sites should perform better on Mobile phones. You should optimize UI, Ux, and other site features on the mobile phone.

Most people use mobile phones over other gadgets, so focusing your site on a mobile basis wouldn’t be bad.

Analyze your site

You should monitor and analyze your site regularly. You should also access your current Google rankings, even if you are a newbie.

From tools like Ahref and Semrush, You will be able to know domain ratings, configure your monthly visits, organic traffic, and technical problems, and provide other necessary information which will help you know in detail about your site.

Analyzing and monitoring your site will provide specific results that can help you improve further.

Also, ensure the loading period of your site should be super fast. People don’t want to engage in a site that takes forever to load; when there are multiple options, people can choose another site over us due to our delay.

Active on social media

Social media has a huge impact on google rankings. Having almost 5 billion social media means your site has a huge traffic potential.

You can share your quality linking to your site with your friends and followers on social media which can drive them to your new site, increasing your traffic. You can create your brand pages on social media too.

Also, you can tag friends on social media like Facebook and Instagram and share your work on messaging apps with those you think might like your content. Also, you can ask your close ones to share your content and site further, making your site a positive growth.


We believe this blog provides you with certain information and ideas to rank your new sites higher on Google.  Ranking higher on Google is not that easy.

Google is the most powerful and most used search engine across the world. If you target Google rather than other search engines, it is a good choice.

On Google, try following the rules and regulations to understand some algorithms, avoid any penalties and blockage and follow the steps given in the blog; your site will have positive growth.

Most importantly, you conduct detailed research, understand your niche, and maintain your site.