One of the best ways to increase revenue is through eCommerce, which is the way that businesses will operate in the future. There are many benefits of having an online retail business and it can make your business global. If you are working on online business ideas in UK, you should have a website. With this, you can mark your online presence and go big with ease. Here you can find the Best CMSs for E-commerce Business.

There are many ways to build a website for your business but you need to go cost-efficient and have to choose the best platform for website development. You can go with the custom website development or choose a CMS for creating a website in a timely manner.

What is CMS?

In website development, CMS or CMS or content management systems are very useful tools. It is helpful when there is a need for creating, managing, and modifying website content. Without heavy coding knowledge, users can build a feature-rich website. 

With a CMS, you can get a quality interface with pre-built templates. It can also be used for content management, media storage, and web page development. There are many CMS available in the market and used by many websites across the globe. It is one of the easiest ways to develop a website and make an online presence.

Best CMSs for E-commerce Business

If you want to create a website using CMS, there are many CMS available in the market. Here are the top 5 you should consider based on the features and functionalities they offer:


Around two-fifths of the websites are built using the WordPress content management system. It is one of the best CMS that is also free. With self-hosting, it also has a secure infrastructure. It also has many free and paid themes to choose from, making it convenient for users to get a quality presentation with a website.

WordPress also supports plugins and you can easily integrate them. With easy configuration, it comes with scalability and versatility. Moreover, it also has a large community so you can get help whenever needed and resolve any issue with ease.


Drupal is a strong and secure CMS that is being used by many websites across the globe. The interface is a little complicated if compared to WordPress, but it is more secure. With strong load time and responsiveness, it is a great choice for website development.

Drupal also has built-in modules and comes with easy third-party integration options. It is a very good choice for scalability as well. Many eCommerce businesses are using this as well and using the analytics capabilities of this tool.

Craft CMS

Craft is a user-friendly CMS that is used to create websites with a little coding knowledge. It is a flexible CSM to deliver a custom digital experience online. With a well-documented codebase, it has an extensive API and intuitive UI.

Users can easily manage the content on the backend with Craft CMS and build a scalable website. It also has built-in security features like access control and two-factor authentication. Moreover, Craft can also create links to different content to ensure a smooth user experience.


Magento is one of the leading CMS when it comes to eCommerce development. It is the choice of many businesses for every scale. It comes with scalability and advanced customisation features. In addition to extensive scaling support, this open-source CMS is also very flexible.

It is easy to customise features to integrate third-party tools with Magento. Magento also has SEO-friendly features with a large user community that can help with any issue. With improved user experience, it can help in increasing flexibility in website functionality.


It is a free and open-source CMS that can be used to create websites. To use this CMS, some basic coding knowledge is needed. Joomla has a hosting management tool to make it easy for website development and a strong WordPress alternative.

As a free and open-source CMS, Joomla helps you create dynamic and high-functional websites without third-party plugins. It also supports custom fields and content types to make website development smooth and easy.

How to Choose a CMS for a Website Development

There are many factors you should consider before choosing a content management system for website development. There are plenty of CMS in the market but you should choose one based on your unique requirements. Choose a Best CMSs for E-commerce Business.

Here are some factors that are crucial to consider before choosing a CMS:

Type of the website

You need to consider the type of website before choosing a CMS. Every CMS has a unique speciality and you should choose one based on the type of the website. If you are looking to develop an eCommerce website, you should not choose the CMS that is best suitable for a blog website.

Cost of the CMS

The cost is the most underrated aspect to consider before the CMS selection. Many content management systems are free to use, but you should carefully consider each feature to decide whether or not you really need that CMS. Moreover, you should also opt for the one in your budget.

Scalability with time

There are very positive chances that a business will grow with time. You should choose a CMS that can easily be scalable with time. Many CMS have an extension of templates that can fulfil your needs and come in handy when your business grows and give the same level of performance.


It is one of the most important factors to consider when choosing a CMS for your website. A small vulnerability can change the game and hurt your business, so it’s best to choose a CMS after reviewing its features and capabilities regarding security and data protection.

SEO features

The primary motive of a business is to reach the masses and it is only possible with the help of search engine optimisation. You need to choose a CMS that offers SEO features and comes with natural optimisation. This is very crucial for marketing and boosting the overall marketing of your business.

Conclusion: Choose a Secure CMS

There are many CMSs in the market that offer features to elevate your business with a secure website. With this, you can ensure you get the best possible online presence and generate quality revenue. You can also take help from the UK Drupal agency for this and boost your business for a better future. Moreover, it can also help you finalise the CMS that can effectively manage everything that you need.