As a digital marketer, you need to do everything within your powers to remain at the top of the game. There are tons of AI tools for marketing that helps marketers maintain a top position in the business industry.

As the technology sector grows wider, it feels like there is something new that marketers need to learn. Note that every discovery within the technology industry comes with lots of advantages to its users within the business sector.

It feels good to interact with your consumers when generating tailored messages that target a specific audience within the business sector. However, creative testing is a more compelling strategy for digital marketers while analyzing their marketing campaigns.

Initially, it was challenging to gather customer insights due to the lack of proper tools that could easily help to get the job done. AI-driven creative testing tools give marketers a chance to test and analyze the performance of their campaigns.

What is AI-Driven Creative Testing?

By doing creative testing, you make the entire ad campaign optimization seamless and reliable. This testing mode allows marketers to compare different types of ad campaigns and identify the best concept that is beneficial in generating the desired results.

AI-driven creative testing is meant to eliminate unwanted expenditures and numerous trials that do not yield the desired fruits. The entire process makes the marketers work easier in identifying the performance of campaigns and locating the points that require changes to enhance success.

The process of implementing these tools in your business operations is not technical as many people believe. However, you need to have some fast-hand information that will help you understand what is necessary when using the tools.

This content piece incorporates a compilation of some of the best AI-driven creative testing tools that marketers can use to test their campaigns. Let’s get into details!

Numerator Testing Panel

The numerator is an AI-driven testing tool that helps marketing teams generate insights that marketing teams understand more information about their target audience. It gives detailed information about the behavior and opinions of your audience regarding your business.

Even though this tool gives invaluable results, it does not come with multiple smart features. However, this does not affect the tool’s functionality since it provides accurate information that business operators can use to analyze the performance of their campaigns.

The tool comes with an efficient ad testing platform that enables marketers to receive feedback from the target audience. The insights help business owners to make changes on specific points and align the business depending on the customer’s needs.

Also, the Numerator plays a major role in optimizing the customer purchase process and enhancing the master plan of the business. This creates an excellent business environment that enhances collaboration between the business and the target audience.

In addition, you can command the tool depending on your requirements to enable it to execute some functions on your marketing campaigns. Later on, this data is analyzed using different charts (Bar Chart, Line Chart, Survey Analysis Chart, Comparison Chart, Data Flow Chart, Sunburst Chart Excel, and Google Sheet) used in generating reports for deep analysis. This makes it’s a perfect option when evaluating your marketing campaigns.

Zappi Ad Pulse

Zappi is one of the most popular ad innovation platforms that many people use. It comes with a dynamic site with lots of testing tools that helps marketers to complete their task. The tool gives marketers a chance to carry out a comprehensive analysis vital for business success.

Digital marketers who use this platform enjoy the aspect of testing their campaigns before the strategy used becomes popular among many people. This gives them room to remain competitive in business and attain their goals.

Besides, the tool also has the ability to test different variants across multiple creative specialists within the business industry. Zappi Ad Pulse is an excellent choice due to the fact that it uses the consumer brand funnel in generating insights for digital marketers.

This aspect makes it unique since it enables marketers to make decisions with the consumer in mind. At this point, all the consumer needs are covered, making it easier for the business to secure a considerable number of potential customers.

The tool offers marketing methodologies and important objectives when running marketing campaigns. Also, marketers benefit from a single brand impact score vital in identifying your business brand position within the market.


This is a highly advanced AI-driven creative testing tool with multiple features that make the entire process easy and straightforward. Digital marketers search for tools to make their work easier and help them get their job done.

Remesh allows marketers to communicate with their target audience one on one. Also, it has an A function that helps marketers organize and analyze their responses in real-time and make the required changes to cover all their customers’ needs.

Compared to other traditional focused groups, Remesh gives its users a chance to run conversations with up to one thousand people at the same time. This makes it easier for marketers to collect information from consumers within the shortest time possible.

The tool focuses on enhancing trust with multiple anonymous participants increasing the business brand loyalty across its target audience. Also, it eliminates the bias of in-person focused groups to improve conversation with the entire business audience.

In addition, customers can easily as questions and get responses instantly. This enhances communication between the business operators and the entire target audience.


Zalster is an incredible testing tool that has been automated to monitor marketing campaigns. It works to streamline campaigns and collect customer insights to ensure that everything is working in line according to consumer needs.

It is crucial to ensure that marketing campaigns are arranged according to the consumer requirements to propel the general success of the business. The tool is powered by Artificial Intelligence to enable it read through campaigns and customer minds.

The algorithm of Zalster has been made in a manner that has the capabilities of optimizing marketing campaigns and testing their performance. It generates invaluable insights that help marketers prevail over the business’s success.


The rise of Artificial Intelligence has greatly impacted how digital marketers carry out their daily activities. The availability of creative testing tools helps marketers test the performance of their campaigns in the marketer. The above-mentioned are some of the top tools that marketers can acquire and implement in their marketing campaigns.

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