If you are looking for a new affordable latest mobile phones, here is the good news. You can get a great cheap smartphone with great functionality, as major smartphone companies such as Apple, Samsung, and Google, increasingly spread great features on less expensive options. Read on to find out the best cheap smartphone brands.

Choosing your best cheap smartphone can be challenging, especially with various options to consider at sticker prices. While some of these best cheap smartphone brands are high-tier models being sold at discounted prices, manufacturers such as OnePlus offer brand-new phones with the latest features at an incredible value. Obviously, price is quite relative when shopping for a cheap smartphone, as the definition of “cheap” varies from one person to another.

Regardless, your cheap smartphone buy should have considerable features. Apart from excellent storage, camera, and display, you should consider its processor speed, especially for gamers. Your smartphone of choice should support various smartphone game graphics to enhance your dead or alive slot game experience.

5 Budget-Friendly Phones to Buy

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1.  Apple iPhone SE

While you may not expect iPhones to be among the cheap smartphone brands, Apple iPhone SE 2020 tops this list of cheap smartphones for many reasons. Like other iPhone models, it strikes a perfect balance of build quality, battery life, speed, camera, longevity, and software. If you are looking for a cheap smartphone with large storage, go for Apple iPhone SE with internal storage of 128GB.

Even though the model doesn’t have a lot of modern design features, you get a lot for its price range. For starters, it is among the iPhone 11 generation of iPhones. This means that it comes with the A13 Bionic Processor and excellent speeds.

That aside, its battery life is excellent but not the best in this class. The smartphone can last up to 24 hours when fully charged. Fortunately, it supports wireless charging, which other cheap smartphones at its price range don’t support. Overall, the iPhone SE is an excellent smartphone of choice. Besides the merits mentioned above, you can access plenty of iOS apps, a strong support network, and unlimited accessories.

2.  Google Pixel 4A

The Google Pixel 4A should be a cheap smartphone of your choice if you are looking for a cheap smartphone with a good camera. While its display screen is less and doesn’t have an overly fast processor, it has a clean Android version and is always the first in line for Google updates. The smartphone made a debut last year but is guaranteed to receive software updates until 2023.

As mentioned, the main source of fame for this cheap smartphone is its camera. Despite using an old and standard camera sensor, Google does an excellent job in image processing. It takes great night photos, does astrophotography, and features a passable portrait photo mode. Other features of the Google Pixel 4A include a 5.8-inch display screen and sufficient RAM. Unfortunately, it doesn’t support wireless charging and face recognition unlock features.

3.  Samsung Galaxy A52

The Samsung Galaxy A52 should be the cheap Android smartphone of your choice. This cheap smartphone comes with some features that cannot be found in other budget phones, including the IP67 rating on water resistance, fast-refresh screen, and monthly security updates. This cheap smartphone might also be a perfect choice for those looking for a cheap smartphone with a big display, thanks to its 6.5-inch screen.

The 120Hz refresh rate is probably the best feature of this phone, as it gives a smooth appearance to content and animations as you scroll through social feeds and menu options. This cheap smartphone also performs well compared to other cheap smartphones in its class, powered by the 6GB RAM and Snapdragon 750G processor. These features assure seamless everyday scrolling, navigating, and app switching.

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4.  OnePlus Nord

Those looking for a cheap smartphone at a good price outside the U.S. can consider the OnePlus Nord. At its low price range, the model has several features typically reserved for expensive phones. For instance, it supports 5G networks and comes with 90Hz refresh rates. This aside, its display is posed to make your daily experience better and smoother.

It is also a cheap smartphone with good battery life and upgraded software. It comes with a bunch of cameras, including the ultra-wide and macro camera on the back and front selfie cameras. Unfortunately, you’ll miss out on the headphone jack and wireless charging.

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5.  Motorola Moto G Power

The Motorola Moto G Power is another cheap smartphone to buy. What stands out from this cheap smartphone is the maximum battery life of 5000mAh, which supports several days of power when fully charged. It features 32GB internal storage with a microSD option for additional storage and above-average speed.

However, expect to trade off some good features at such a low price tag. For instance, the camera is average and a slightly small display size.

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Bottom Line

Purchasing a cheap smartphone doesn’t necessarily mean that you lose out on the latest features and great performance. While it can be challenging to find a good cheap smartphone, finding a good model will leave you wondering why people spend hundreds of dollars on high-end phones. The smartphone models listed above come with all the features offered by pricey models.

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