​Small businesses often need more marketing budgets, making it easier for you to market your business. The good news is that you can sell yourself to your customers without spending (or much) money. As a business owner, you don’t need more time to research and test these free marketing ideas, which is why we’ve done it for you. In this post, you’ll find 12 creative content marketing tips that boost the engagement and sales of your ecommerce business.

12 Creative Content Marketing Tips

  1. Incorporate Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is the specific process of increasing traffic and getting more visitors to your store. Marketing materials will help your store appear more on search engines and build trust among customers who search online.

Advertising and SEO are powerful, especially since SEO is specifically designed for content marketing. Every website needs keywords, search terms, articles, content, etc. They work together for maximum benefits and results.

  1. Invest in Chat Marketing

Chat marketing is using social media to start conversations, trade with potential customers, and repeat.

A chat marketing strategy that combines messenger, SMS, and email marketing will help increase revenue and retain customers.

  1. Promote customer reviews and build trust

Human-generated content adds a new perspective to the way you do eCommerce marketing. Instead of trusting what a brand says, consumers today can turn to their customers for a better idea of ​​what’s good and what to expect from a WooCommerce pre-order. This type of social proof is a powerful tool for strengthening the mind.

  1. Host a Contest

Contests are a great way to grab attention and drive traffic to your eCommerce site. You may have to wait a while before the interaction turns into sales, but expanding your audience is okay.

Members can earn points for visiting sales or product pages, posting a donation on social media, inviting friends, and more. All these activities can drive a lot of new traffic to your online store.

  1. Leverage the power of YouTube

YouTube is a compelling platform to use for content marketing—the most significant video site by far and the second-largest search engine. If you’re not sharing content on YouTube, you’re leaving money on the table.

The best part about your YouTube content is that it can be tailored to your brand. Create informative videos that answer relevant questions about your product to build trust and turn visitors into customers.

  1. Reward loyal customers

Focusing on customer loyalty through rewards and discounts is a cost-effective way to increase online sales. One way to reward loyal and high-spending customers is through a customer loyalty program. There are many ways that your customers and you can benefit from a loyalty program. They give customers additional incentives to purchase, receive recommendations, and keep your brand active with automatic reminders.

  1. Add FAQ pages

Ecommerce content marketing can be anything other than a regular sales page (product page, card, checkout). Sometimes it’s a resource that helps people easily choose from your products. And the FAQ pages are exactly what you need! They help people make purchasing decisions.

  1. Target wearable and VR

Focusing on usability and virtual reality (VR) technology is a trend that engages users in new and exciting ways. People are still used to this technology and are not overwhelmed and accustomed to advertising.

Your target audience for these ads will be very pleased as these users are part of the population that carries the latest technology in their palms, always be aware of the trends, and don’t think of leaving any extra money for what they want.

  1. Be Active in Discussion Forums and Communities

Do you participate in discussions and groups? If you are ignoring these marketing techniques, you better get active. Discussion forums and communities are interactive media where people can find helpful information on topics of interest.

These online groups allow members to ask questions and get valuable answers from members who may be experts in your industry. In other words, experts will provide information based on user’s interests and the community’s needs.

  1. Optimize for voice search

Voice search is more popular and convenient than traditional search because it allows you to do other tasks while searching for something online.

If you want to grow your ecommerce business, you should optimize your ecommerce marketing content for voice search like Sephora did.

They included long quotes and used a conversational tone on their product pages, which is why their vegan mascara appears on the first page of Google searches.

  1. Humanize and personalize

Consumers have become the driving force in the e-commerce industry. This means that your business needs to go an extra mile. Because of this, it’s more important than ever to tailor your user experience (UX) to the needs of your audience. This is just as important a part of your ecommerce marketing strategy as the overall strategy.

Do your best to provide exceptional customer service by taking the time to educate your customers. People like to feel special, and if you make sure to add a personal touch like contacting your prospects by name, sharing videos and photos of your employees, and being clear about your processes and procedures company, you will reap the rewards of loyalty.

  1. Use Some Humor

Humor is an art, and humor is a consequence. Use this as a way to show your audience that you understand and that you are one of them. Jokes only they know will attract your customers and show them that you invite them into your space.

Suppose you keep your sense of humor appropriate for the stage of the buyer’s journey. In that case, you can engage your audience, introduce them to entertaining but helpful content, and then convert to the same reputation that attracted them.

Although the same humor method only works for some brands, the results show that humor improves memory and is a good marketing strategy.


Running an online store is never easy, but by using these ecommerce marketing tips and backing them up with the right resources, you can overcome any challenge and increase your luck.